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artless Inc. | a global branding agency

March 01, 2019

artless Inc. is an independently owned global branding agency conducting design with architecture, based in tokyo and kyoto, founded by shun kawakami in 2001.

We are seeking the synthesis of art & design, and specializes in branding and creative communication while utilizing “Design Thinking” and “Logical Thinking”.

Our activities are based in visual communication and the language of design; branding and consulting, graphic and identity, typography and signage, architecture and interior, exhibition and installation, fashion and music, web and digital experience, ad and brand communications.

We form a creative team in accordance with each new project. Our collective brings a new perspective to all projects from our global network. The team includes business consultants, creative directors, art directors, architects and interior designers, graphic and web designers, programmers, photographers, stylists, fashion designers, musicians, composers, flower artists, painters, calligraphers, illustrators, food director and barista.

We don’t differentiate between art, design, architecture, digital and other forms of communication. A diverse challenge extends across different disciplines, providing us with an experience that broadens our point of view.

Our philosophy is rooted in Japanese sense of beauty, infused with contemporary creativity to make a difference.

“artless Inc.”は、 東京と京都を拠点にグローバルに活動するブランディング・エージェンシーです。グラフィックから建築まで、一気通貫したアートディレクションによる独自のブランディングとデザインコンサルティングを行っています。


また、独自のグローバルネットワークを築き、このグローバル・コレクティブ(artless collective™) では、多様なジャンルの専門家やアーティストがリストアップされ、各プロジェクトのニーズに応じた最適なチームを提案しプロジェクトを進行しています。

“artless Inc.”は、日本の伝統美や美意識を基軸に、アートやデザインを 「ヴィジュアル・ランゲージ」 と捉え、国境や言語を越え、フィロソフィーやヴィジョンといった目には見えない概念を表現する 「ヴィジュアル・コミュニケーション」 の姿勢を軸に活動しています。

corporate information

artless Inc.
株式会社 artless

founder and ceo
Shun Kawakami

stock information
10,000,000 JPY


year of establishment

東京  tokyo
nakame gallery street J2+J3
(Nakameguro koukashita/85+86)
2-45-12 kami-meguro
tokyo 153-0051 japan
京都  kyoto

gojo place, ebisucho, 
kyoto 600-8302 japan


Brand Strategy
Comunicacion strategy

Brand Design
Visual identity

Brand Communication
Artistic direction & Graphic design
Architectural design
Interior design
Sign design
Digital design
Films & Photography
Fashion & Music …

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