wasou by takami holdings branding + visual identity + graphic design creative direction & art direction: shun kawakami, artless Inc.graphic design: ayako shien, artless Inc.project management: asami kinoshitaphotography: kyohei matsudahair & make up: mika furukawaclient: takami holdings _ artless Inc. conducted the naming, branding, V.I., logo design and key visuals for the kimono collection brand, “wasou”, […]

koé donuts kyoto

koé donuts kyoto branding + visual identity + total design ( logo + signage + graphic + packaging + goods + web ) https://donuts.koe.com/ interior design: kengo kuma and associates branding: artless Inc. creative direction & art direction: shun kawakami illustration: yu nagaba art direction & design: koyuki inagaki assistant design: kanako ueno, qiwen cao […]

artless Inc. | a global branding agency

artless Inc. is an independently owned global branding agency integrating graphics and architecture, based in tokyo and kyoto, founded by shun kawakami in 2001. our activities are based in visual communication and the language of design; branding and consulting, art and design, graphics and identity, architecture and interior, typography and signage, fashion and music, web […]

team of artless Inc.

Team of artless Inc. | July 2019 Languages: Japanese + English + Chinese Staff: 20 members 1 creative director & art director 4 project managers 10 designers 1 programmer 1 photographer 1 stylist 2 baristas founder Shun Kawakami (JP/EN) branding & design consulting, creative direction & art direction – instagram facebook twitter pinterest – www.shunkawakami.jp – […]