issey miyake inc. [2011]

concept of design : grid system, Design of 3 layers, interactive motion typography, photography of back ground, international/global brand, RSS Feed connection… – official site : ISSEY MIYAKE INC. art direction and design : shun kawakami (artless) project management : syoh yoshida (artless kyoto) assistant design : ryo sugi (artless tokyo) interactive design : […]

K-SYSTEM | masayuki kurokawa (architect)

K-SYSTEM by masayuki kurokawa (architect) [ K / K studio / O-Jewel ] credit : art direction and design : shun kawakami design : ryo sugi (artless tokyo) development : junich okamoto (artless tokyo) client: K-System, Masayuki Kurokawa keyword : minimal, communication by photographs, share (facebook/twitter/mail) font : Akzidentz Grotesk