A4A Inc. : corporate site

May 31, 2012

A4A Inc. :
corporate site

credits :
creative direction, art direction, design : artless Inc.
art direction : shun kawakami (artless)
design : ryo sugi (artless tokyo), taichiro takeo (artless tokyo)
html development : HUSMA

client : A4A Inc.



Graniph / Control Bear : balloon art project

May 30, 2012

Control Bear :
balloon art project

brand design by artless inc.

creative direction & art direction : shun kawakami (artless)
design : taichiro takeo (artless tokyo)
video : yuu kawakami (artless tokyo)
copy writing : maki wakamatsu (artless tokyo)
development : yoshiaki fujimori (grandbase)

client : Graphis Inc.


version of coming soon:


[art balloon making video 01-04]
direction : taichiro takeo (artless tokyo)
film/video editing : yuu kawakami (artless tokyo)
music : noiselessly by chikao maruyama (artless records)






JOAN GROUP : company & brand website (Taipei, Taiwan)

May 30, 2012

JOAN GROUP (Taipei, Taiwan) :
company & brand website (JOAN, DITA, abito)

credits :
creative direction : JL Design Inc. (Taipei, Taiwan)
art direction & design : artless Inc.

art direction : shun kawakami (artless)
design : ryo sugi (artless tokyo)
flash development : mitsuaki ushijima (attractors)
html development : syoh yoshida (artless kyoto) & JL Design Inc.

client : JO-AN Garment Co,Ltd. (Taipei, Taiwan)
agency: JL Design Inc. (Taipei, Taiwan)

branding & identity : logotype

May 27, 2012

Creative Research Organization (Tokyo, Japan) :
Brand Identity (COMING SOON) [cr] is a “online video magazine” by web & apps from Tokyo Japan to the world. Focusing on the modern Japanese design & business, “cr” is to keep on global mind. We believe that “design” is necessary for future businesses.”.

Linotype Didot (EN) / Honmincho (JP)

art direction & design :
shun kawakami (artless)

client :
Creative Research Organization


hokke saburo : the yamatoden tradition

May 16, 2012

hokke saburo :
the yamatoden tradition

[artist website]

credit :
art direction and design : shun kawakami (artless Inc.)
photography : ichigo sugawara
design assistant : kouji abe (insense)
development : karappo

keyword of design : documentary / eclectic design / html for ipad
typeface : Didot + Akzidentz Grotesk + Kozuka Mincho

© artless Inc. All rights direction + design by artless (tokyo) / interactive design by manmaru (paris) / sound by noiselessly