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June 26, 2018

designart tokyo
branding + total design

creative direction: shun kawakami, artless Inc.
graphic design: koyuki inagaki + hitomi yasuda + kanako ueno, artless Inc.
project management: ken aoki + asami kinoshita, artless Inc.
copywriting: river Inc.
photography: yuu kawakami, artless Inc.


DESIGNART is an organization and event founded in 2017. The organization launched itself by initiating a design & art festival spanning across different areas of Tokyo called DESIGNART 2017. Shun Kawakami, as one of the 6 co-founders alongside with Akio Aoki (MIRU design), Hiroshi Koike (NON-GRID / IMG SRC), Okisato Nagata (EXS Inc.), Astrid Klein and Mark Dytham (Klein Dytham architecture), designed the logo and artless Inc. was in charge of building the identity of DESIGNART.

DESIGNART’s first festival, DESIGNART 2017, exhibited “purchasable arts” that visitors could bring home – ranging from interior products, furnitures, wearable arts to fine arts. About 200 creators including renowned Pierre Charpin, participated across 72 venues in Tokyo, and gained 42,500 visitors. Our responsibilities ranged from logo design, stationeries design, content planning to event ephemerals such as booklets, venue facades, flyers, posters and badges.

Being an event with such wide range of exhibits and artists, our approach to the identity was to make it bold, identifiable, yet flexible and sophisticated at the same time. We created a frame with changing shape according to an object inside it, defining the object as a DESIGNART – a piece that crosses boundaries. The logo was seen across the city, framing objects of different scales; a product, wall to a scene. The logo was made recognizable with definite graphic rules. The upper left corner was kept 90°, and black & gold palette were used to complement its well-established exhibitors such as Louis Vuitton, while still being distinguishable.

We believe that the identity performed aesthetic dynamism, while giving a strong character by being instantly recognizable.


DESIGNART (デザイナート)は、2017に発足した組織であり、デザイン&アートフェスティバルの名称です。デザインという共通点を持ちながら、異なる分野を率いる青木昭夫(MIRU DESIGN)、小池 博史 (NON-GRID / IMG SRC)、永田宙郷 (EXS Inc.)、Astrid Klein、 Mark Dytham (Klein Dytham architecture)そして川上シュン(artless Inc.)から成る6名が、発起人としてプランニングからデザインまで手がけました。

‘DESIGNART’を、「デザインとアートの境界をまたぎ、日々の生活に感動を生むもの」と定義し、初回となるDESIGNART 2017では、Pierre Charpinを含む約200のクリエイターが72箇所に参加、42,500人の訪問者が展示品である’DESIGNART’たちを楽しみました。表参道をはじめ、外苑前、原宿、渋谷、恵比寿、中目黒、広尾、代官山、中目黒、六本木と、開催エリアは広範囲にわたり、まさに街全体をミュージアムとしたデザインとアートの祭典になりました。




branding & identity

branding for takami holdings

June 26, 2018

takami holdings
branding + visual identity

creative & art direction: shun kawakami, artless Inc.
graphic design: koyuki inagaki, artless Inc.
assistant design: kanako ueno, artless Inc.
project management: asami kinoshita, artless Inc.
copywriting: dai takeuchi, river Inc.
key visual photography: takashi yasui, koyuki inagaki
web programming: hyrax inc.
client: takami holdings


artless Inc. is in charge of carrying out the V.I. design and brand direction for “TAKAMI HOLDINGS”, a holding company that owns “TAKAMI BRIDAL” and its affiliated companies in the field of hospitality.

“TAKAMI BRIDAL” first opened in Kyoto as a kimono store, and since its establishment in 1923, the company has been flexibly evolving itself to suit the needs of the era. At present, TAKAMI BRIDAL offers services borderlessly across the filed of hospitality, from self-production of bridal dresses, styling kimonos, event planning, arranging overseas wedding ceremonies to food & beverages.

artless Inc. has designed and directed the V.I. and branding for TAKAMI HOLDINGS with a focus on “authentic hospitality.” Our task involved integrated design strategy through logo design, stationeries, corporate website, recruit website, copywriting, invitation and greeting cards.

To carry the weight of the company’s history and its trustworthiness, the logo design is based on Venetian typeface which is tailored letter by letter to add a warm, organic touch. The corporate colour is grey, which represents ‘the art of being a complement’. TAKAMI HOLDINGS’s philosophy in hospitality lies on enhancing or emphasizing the qualities of its customer’s moments shared with them. The corporate visual features abstract scenery, providing a plesant presence rather than calling for an attention.

This is a project that delicately communicates of confidence, authenticity and quality through the holistic design approach.


artless Inc.は、1923年に京都にて創業した「TAKAMI BRIDAL」並びに、系列会社を束ねるために設立された「TAKAMI HOLDINGS」のV.I.構築とブランディングを担当しています。

「TAKAMI BRIDAL」は、1923年に呉服屋として創業して以来、時代とともに柔軟に進化を遂げ、今ではウェディングドレスのインポートをはじめとした、自社ブランドでのドレス制作・着物のコーディネート・イベントプランニング・海外挙式のプロデュース・飲食事業など、ホスピタリティ分野を横断したサービスを提供しています。





* about us (company Information)

artless Inc. | a global branding agency

June 26, 2018

artless Inc. is a global branding agency
conducting art & design, based in tokyo & kyoto.

founded by shun kawakami in 2001.

Our activities are in the creative communication and the language of design: Branding & design consulting, B.I. + V.I. (brand identity, logo, type face & signage), art direction for architecture and interiors, products and packaging, exhibitions and installations, websites and digital experiences, advertising and communications. We form a creative team in accordance with each new project. Our collective brings a new perspective to all projects from our global network.

Our philosophy is rooted in Japanese sense of beauty,
infused with contemporary creativity to make a difference.

“artless Inc.” は、 東京と京都を拠点にグローバルに活動するブランディング・エージェンシーです。ブランドデザインを包括的に指揮し、「デザイン思考」と「ビジネス思考」の2つの視点を併せ持ったブランディングとデザインコンサルティングを行います。

企業やブランドのアイデンティティ・ロゴ・タイプフェイス等の B.I. 及び V.I. の構築から、建築、インテリア、サイン計画 や VMD 等の建築領域におけるアートディレクションとデザイン。グラフィック、フォト、ビデオ、プロダクト、パッケージ、ウェブやデジタルサイネージ等のデジタルコミュニケーション、広告やキャンペーン等のコミュニケーションデザイン、エキシビションやインスタレーションなど、すべてのデザイン領域におけるクリエイティブ・ディレクション及びデザインディレクションを行っています。

また、独自のグローバルネットワークを築き、このグローバル・コレクティブ(artless collective™) では、アート/デザイン/クラフト(伝統工芸)/建築/インテリア/プロダクト等のデザイナーやパートナー企業。プログラミング/インスタレーション等のテクノロジスト。映像ディレクター、フォトグラファー、ヘアメイク、スタイリスト、音楽家、画家、書家、フラワーアーティスト、料理家/フードディレクター、バリスタ、ソムリエ、コンシェルジュやビジネスコンサルタントまでの多様なジャンルの専門家やアーティストがリストアップされ、各プロジェクトのニーズに応じた最適なチームを提案しプロジェクトを進行しています。


そのアートとデザインの領域を行き来する横断的活動は、NY ADC : Young Guns 6、D&AD、NY TDC、The One Show、DFAA、Red dot Award、iF design award、Webby Award、Tokyo TDC、JAGDA、グッドデザイン賞、カンヌ国際広告祭/金賞 に至る国内外のアワードを受賞し、国際的評価を頂いています。

“artless Inc.” は、アートやデザインを「ヴィジュアル・ランゲージ」と捉え、国境や言語を越え、哲学や理念といった目に見えない概念を表現する「ヴィジュアル・コミュニケーション」を軸に活動しています。

member :
ADC Young Guns ® (New York, US)
The Art Directors Club (New York, US)
D&AD (London, UK)
JAGDA : Japan Graphic Designers Association (Tokyo, Japan)

corporate information

artless Inc.
株式会社 artless

founder and ceo
Shun Kawakami

stock information
10,000,000 JPY


year of establishment

東京  tokyo
nakame gallery street J2+J3
(Nakameguro koukashita/85+86)
2-45-12 kami-meguro
tokyo 153-0051 japan
京都  kyoto

gojo place, ebisucho, 
kyoto 600-8302 japan


& design consulting

analysis / strategy / marketing

brand identity / logo / typography / signage
graphic / web / interactive / apps
photo / film / motion graphic / video

architecture / interior / product
installation / exhibition / artist curation



* about us (company Information)

team of artless Inc.

June 25, 2018

Team of artless Inc.

1 creative director (ceo)
2 project manager
3 art director & designer
6 assistant designer
1 architectural designer
1 programmer
1 videographer
1 photographer
1 stylist
2 barista

total: 19 members

artless Inc.

founder (ceo) :
branding / creative & design direction / curation
Shun Kawakami (JP/EN)
instagramfacebook / twitter / pinterest / wikipedia

project management
Satoko Tanaka (JP/EN)
Asami Kinoshita (JP/EN)

art direction & design
Nao Nozawa (JP/EN)
Kazuki Kaneko (JP/EN)
Koyuki Inagaki (EN/JP)

architectural design
Ken Aoki (JP/EN)

assistant design
Shinsaku Iwatachi (EN/JP)
Ryo Akao (JP)
Kanako Ueno (JP)
Ayako Shien (JP)
Yafa Koseko (CH/EN/JP)
Sou Qiwen (CH/JP)

interactive design & programming
Adrien Dufond (FR/EN)
artless interactive™ –

creative direction & video direction
Alexander Mitchell (EN/FR)

Yuu Kawakami (JP)

Miho Kawakami (JP)

barista for artless craft tea & coffee
Kazu Watanabe (JP)
Yuichi Onouchi (JP/EN)

PR & management

W tokyo
PR & creator management company

Designart Tokyo
New design & art festival in Tokyo, Japan, established in 2017.

global partners 

AODJ Ambassador of Design, Japan. (NPO) :
Non profit organization in Japan. AODJ strive to connect, inspire and elevate creative professionals in the world.

artless collective™ :
Partner companies & collaborators from our global network

special thanks:
internship designers

Leonie Aiko (GE/EN) – Germany
Karolina Pöll (SP/EN/GE) – Mexico
Alice Tosey  (EN) – London UK
Miikka Toiviainen  (EN/FIN) – Finland
Stefano Cometta  (GE/EN/IT/SP/FR) – Swiss
Amaya Hagelaar  (DU/EN) – Netherlands
Aoi Fujikawa  (JP/EN) – New York USA
Jeerapak Nitipon  (EN) – Bankok Thailand


* about us (company Information)

office / address

June 22, 2018

For new business enquiries please contact ” “ ,
we will contact you as soon as possible.


nakame gallery street J2+J3
(Nakameguro koukashita/85+86)
2-45-12 kami-meguro
tokyo 153-0051 japan




gojo place, ebisucho,
kyoto 600-8302 japan

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