sign design

J18 project / signage design for J18 sales office (zhengzhou, china)

February 28, 2019

J18 sales office
signage design

architecture and interior design:
neri & hu (shanghai)

sign design:
artless Inc. (tokyo & kyoto)
art direction & design: shun kawakami & kazuki kaneko, artless Inc.
design: shinsaku iwatachi, artless Inc.
project management: ken aoki, artless Inc.
photography: yuu kawakami, artless Inc.


J18 is an ongoing city planning project in Zhengzhou city, Henan province, China. The large-scale mixed-use development composed of four districts, includes residences, commercial facilities, hotels, cultural centers, as well as parks, greenery, and a river. A city within a city, the development is roughly four to five times the size of Tokyo Midtown.

We were in charge of signage design for the sales office for the J18 residences. The interior was designed by Shanghai and London-based inter-disciplinary architectural design practice Neri&Hu Design and Research Office. Our designs for the way-finding and pictograms drew inspiration from the form and material of the architecture as well as the curving letter-form of the “J” from J18. With an eye towards a more global future of China, all information is presented bilingually.



このJ18区画レジデンス向けセールスオフィスのサインデザインをartless Inc.が担当しました。インテリアデザインは、上海・ロンドンを拠点とし、今アジアで注目を集める建築・デザインユニットである「Neri&Hu Design and Research Office 」が手がけています。彼らのインテリアデザインのコンセプトから、マテリアルやシェイプなどを踏襲して空間に統一感を持たせながらも、J18のJと空間デザインの曲線を織り交ぜた、オリジナルのディレクションサイン、ピクトグラムをデザインしています。また、インフォメーションは英語と中国語のバイリンガル表記とし、少し先の未来にあるグローバルな中国というデザインコードを設定しています。


branding & identity

branding & total design for DESIGNART TOKYO 2018

February 12, 2019

branding + total design

creative direction: shun kawakami, artless Inc.
graphic design: koyuki inagaki + kanako ueno + ayako shien, artless Inc.
project management: asami kinoshita, artless Inc.
copywriting: river Inc.
photography: yuu kawakami, artless Inc.


DESIGNART, the namesake of the organization and event founded in 2017, is a new term that redefines the things that move us and crosses the boundary between art and design. DESIGNART was founded by six creatives hailing from various creative fields; Akio Aoki (MIRU design), Shun Kawakami (artless Inc.), Astrid Klein and Mark Dytham (Klein Dytham architecture), Hiroshi Koike (NON-GRID/IMG SRC), and Okisato Nagata (EXS Inc.).

For its second year, under the concept of “Emotions”, 120 exhibits were shown across 90 venues in Tokyo for DESIGNART TOKYO 2018. Over the course of 10 days from October 19 to 28, creatives from across the globe in diverse fields including design, art, fashion, food, and technology gathered to the city, garnering over 120,000 visitors.

Continuing our work from the previous year, we oversaw all graphic design elements for DESIGNART 2018. As an event with a wide range of exhibits and artists, our approach was to create a bold, identifiable, yet flexible and sophisticated identity that has a simple black and gold color scheme. The logo is responsive and dynamic, where the “frame” changes its shape according to the object within it, thusly defining the framed object as “DESIGNART” – a work that crosses boundaries. The logo was used in all manner of outputs large and small across the city, including printed materials, original items, as well as in signage design; complimenting the artwork while still being a memorable identity. With a global audience in mind, all printed materials are written in both English and Japanese.

We will continue our pursuit of making DESIGNART a word as common as design or art, synonymous with the things that enrich our lives and establishing DESIGNART as a world-class design and art event.


DESIGNART (デザイナート)は、2017に発足した組織であり、デザイン&アートフェスティバルの名称です。
デザインという共通点を持ちながら、異なる分野を率いる青木昭夫(MIRU DESIGN)、川上シュン(artless Inc.)、Astrid Klein、 Mark Dytham (Klein Dytham architecture)、小池 博史 (NON-GRID / IMG SRC)、永田宙郷 (EXS Inc.)から成る6名が、発起人としてプランニングからデザインまで手がけました。

今年2年目を迎えた「DESIGNART TOKYO 2018」は“Emotions~感動の入り口~”をコンセプトに、10月19日(金)から28日(日)の10日間、様々な文化が交差する東京の街を舞台に、世界中からデザイン、アート、ファッション、食、テクノロジーなどが集結。




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