branding & identity

branding + visual identity for abysse

May 21, 2019

branding + visual identity

branding: artless Inc.
art direction & creative direction: shun kawakami, artless Inc.
graphic design: qiwen cao + kanako ueno, artless Inc.
web programming: adrien dufond
photography: yuu kawakami
project management: asami kinoshita


Seafood restaurant “abysse” lead by the young owner-chef Kotaro Meguro was awarded the Michelin 1-star within a year of its opening in March 2015 in Gaienmae, Tokyo. As part of their move to Daikanyama in March 2019, we were in charge of branding as well as holistic art direction and design, encompassing the logo, V.I., graphic design, signage, website, uniforms, and ambient music.

The French word “abysse”, in addition to signifying the depth of the ocean, carries the meaning “of having depth”. In creating the logomark and brand color we drew inspiration from their concept of evoking the oceanic depths and deepness of the flavor of their dishes. In the interior, the use of wood salvaged from the ocean expresses the depth of both the ocean and forest.

The menus styled like letters welcoming guests to their tables are adorned with foil stamps and signed by the chef. In order to design a complete dining experience, we carefully selected the chef uniforms in the open kitchen as well as curating the ambient music to stimulate the senses while creating a serene atmosphere.

The aim of our branding project is to express their reverence for the ocean, forest, and approach to materials, in the hopes of ushering “abysse” into the global stage.


2015年3月に東京・外苑前にオープンし、1年と経たずにミシュラン1つ星を獲得した若きオーナーシェフ目黒浩太郎氏による魚介にフォーカスしたガストロミーレストラン「abysse(アビス)」。今年3月、代官山への移転を機に ロゴ や V.I. からグラフィック/サイネージ/ウェブ/ユニホーム/BGM と、包括的なアートディレクションとデザインによるブランディングを担当しました。




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branding & identity

branding, graphic design, & art curation for bespoke hotel shinjuku

January 30, 2019

bespoke hotel shinjuku
branding, graphic design, & art curation

credit :
branding: artless Inc.
creative direction/art direction/art curation: shun kawakami, artless Inc.
art direction & design: kazuki kaneko, artless Inc.
design: shinsaku iwatachi, artless Inc.
architecture: makoto asai, D&A inc.
interior/FF&E design: ryo takarada, the range design INC. + takehiro nambu, seventh-code
planning/direction: junya akeyama, GOODTIME INC.
food producer: yuji tani, Gather Inc.
video art: alexander mitchell
BGM/sound design: DJ KAWASAKI
signage & item photography: yuu kawakami, artless Inc.
client: Nest Hotel Japan Corporation

We were in charge of branding, graphic design, and art curation for “bespoke hotel shinjuku”, which opened its doors in December 2018 in Shinjuku, Tokyo.

“bespoke hotel” embraces the things that make each city unique and distills the spirit and culture of the neighborhood through its carefully crafted space. “bespoke hotel shinjuku” expresses the hustle and bustle of Shinjuku and Kabukicho while providing guests with a relaxing and creative experience. An eclectic collection of objects and art are displayed in the reception area; vinyl records selected by music curator DJ KAWASAKI, artificial flowers by UNITED FLOWERS, kiriko glass by Horiguchi Kiriko, as well as photography of the neighborhood by local and international photographers. Tumbler mugs, tote bags, and other original items used in the guest rooms are available for purchase at the reception as well.

It is said that the word “bespoke” is derived from the verb “bespeak” or the phrase “been spoken for”; where the craftsman and the customer would “speak” and have a dialogue on his or her specifications when making an order. Inspired by the origin of the word, we used the Japanese-quotation mark as a key element in the logo and design. To further engage newer generations and the design-conscious market, “bespoke” is shortened as BSPK in the logomark. Welcoming guests at the entrance is a video installation by Melbourne-based artist that captures the streets of Shinjuku, while each of the guest rooms is uniquely tailored with bespoke typographic artwork on the walls.

artless Inc.がブランディング、グラフィックデザイン、アートキュレーションを担当した「bespoke hotel shinjuku」が2018年12月、東京/新宿にグランドオープンいたしました。

bespoke hotelは、各地域の特色や文化を踏まえ、その場所ならではの独自性を表現することをコンセプトにしています。bespoke hotel shinjukuにおいては、新宿や歌舞伎町ならではの「カオス」感を感じながらも、居心地のよいクリエイティブな体験ができます。フロント/キオスクでは、館内BGMにも携わったDJ KAWASAKIセレクトのレコードや、UNITED FLOWERSによるアーティフィシャルフラワー、堀口切子の切子硝子、国内外の様々な写真家によって撮影された東京や歌舞伎町の写真集などがディスプレイされ、客室常備のオリジナルタンブラーやトートバッグなど、オリジナルホテルグッズも販売されています。

bespoke(あつらえる) という言葉の語源 は、”bespeak”あるいは”been spoken for”と言われており、職人と顧客が「対話」をしながら注文を受けていくことから、その様に呼ばれるようになったと言われています。その「対話」というキーワードから、「」(鉤括弧)をキーデザインとして、ロゴを始めとするすべてのグラフィックに展開。シンボルマークは BSPK と簡略化して、若年層やグローバルマーケットに向けたファッショナブルなアプローチでブランディング行っています。さらに、エントランスには、メルボルン在住のアーティストが独自の視点で新宿を撮影した映像作品を展示し、客室には部屋ごとに異なるグラフィックが描かれており、その場所ならではのアートやグラフィック作品でも、ブランドコンセプトの「あつらえる」を表現しています。

graphic design

catalogue design for THE CONRAN SHOP Christmas 2018

December 20, 2018

THE CONRAN SHOP / Christmas catalogue 2018
design & photo direction

credit :
commissioned by: THE CONRAN SHOP Japan
creative direction: shun kawakami, artless Inc.
art direction & graphic design: nao nozawa, artless Inc.
styling: nao nozawa, artless Inc. + THE CONRAN SHOP Japan
photography: kyohei matsuda

For this year’s THE CONRAN SHOP’s Christmas catalogue themed “Around the world”; we created a monochrome world that accentuates the colors and festive spirit of the gift items selected from around the world.

By playfully styling and arranging the items in the monochrome-patterned backdrop, we created a design that feels leisurely and sophisticated.
We welcome you to visit a store near you and enjoy the elegant Christmas design and decor.

今年のTHE CONRAN SHOPのクリスマスカタログのコンセプトはAround the world。

graphic design

artwork & graphic design for MONKEY MAJIK / enigma

December 19, 2018

artwork & graphic design

credit :
artwork & art direction: shun kawakami, artless Inc.
graphic design: kazuki kaneko, artless Inc.
client: MONKEY MAJIK / avex entertainment

CD album cover design for MONKEY MAJIK’s album “enigma”, a culmination of the Sendai-based four-member band’s 18-year career.
The city of Heiankyo (present-day Kyoto) which remained the capital of Japan for over 1000 years from during the reign of Emperor Kanmu in 794 until 1869 when the capital was moved to Tokyo, served as inspiration for the main visual; a collage of the numbers of the two historically significant years and an urban planning map of Kyoto.

The work is a synthesis of MONKEY MAJIK’s unique perspective of mystical Japan, and Kawakami’s exploration of bringing together traditional Japanese aesthetics and a global sensibility.

仙台を拠点に活躍する4人組バンド、MONKEY MAJIKの18年目の集大成となるCDアルバム「enigma」のジャケットデザイン。
アルバムタイトルの「enigma(エニグマ)」は、「謎、不可解なもの」を意味し、メインヴィジュアルは、桓武天皇の延暦 13 (794) 年から平清盛の福原遷都 (1180) を除いて、明治2 (1869) 年の東京遷都まで 1000年あまり続いた都「平安京」。その数字と京都の都市計画図を組み合わせ制作されたグラフィックアートとなっています。

洋邦のエッセンスを加えながら、神秘的な日本を独自のアプローチで表現するMONKEY MAJIKと、川上の追求する「日本独自の美的理念」へ回帰しながらも「グローバルという現実的感性」との融合により生まれる独自の美が共鳴した作品です。

graphic design

design & photo direction for THE CONRAN SHOP

November 02, 2018

design & photo direction

credit :
vi design: artless Inc.
creative direction: shun kawakami, artless Inc.
art direction & graphic design: nao nozawa, artless Inc.
styling: yoshihiro makino, W Inc. / nao nozawa, artless Inc.
photography: yoshihiro makino, W Inc.

We have been in charge of the design direction for THE CONRAN SHOP catalogues, where we were responsible for photo direction, styling, and graphic design.

For their 2018 furniture catalogue, we created both the physical and online catalogues.

In collaboration with LA-based photographer Yoshihiro Makino, we styled and created the key visuals that embody the ethos of THE CONRAN SHOP.

The artworks were provided by courtesy of WALLS TOKYO, an art gallery where we serve as the creative director.

artless Inc. は、THE CONRAN SHOP カタログのフォトディレクションからスタイリング、グラフィックデザインまで包括的なデザインディレクションを継続的に担当させていただいています。


撮影は、LAを拠点に活動するフォトグラファー・Yoshihiro Makino氏。THE CONRAN SHOPの世界観を両者でスタイリングしています。

またアート作品は、artless がディレクションするアートギャラリー「WALLS TOKYO」にご協力いただきました。

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