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art installation for starbucks | q-front shibuya

February 01, 2016

starbucks | q-front shibuya
art installation

credit :
creative direction: artless Inc.
planning, art direction: shun kawakami, artless Inc.

design: nao nozawa, artless Inc.
photographer: yuu kawakami
client: Starbucks Coffee Japan, Ltd.

We had the great pleasure of designing a mural for Starbucks Q-front; a popular attraction unto itself, located in the prime location of Shibuya and overlooking the busiest crossing in the world.

We depicted the ‘Coffee Belt’, an imaginary band that stretches around the world that encompasses major coffee growing areas; as a semi-three dimensional map using carefully arranged cubes of wood
of varying sizes and colors. A mosaic of pixels, representing the cutting edge digital scene of Shibuya, expresses the fabric patterns that are originated in the coffee producing regions.

Through our design, our aim was to create a warm atmosphere that would envelope customers as they make their purchase on the first floor and then on the second floor, take a leisurely sip of their coffee as they watch the hustle and bustle of the city below. We believe Starbuck’s hospitable spirit and our design philosophy was conveyed through the use of wood and handwritten text and other meticulously thought out details.

We are extremely proud and delighted that we were able to contribute our design to an iconic Starbucks store; visited by millions, locally and from abroad. It would be our pleasure if you drop by whenever you visit Shibuya.

Lastly, we would like to extend our gratitude to the many who supported us and helped bring our vision to reality.

世界的に人気のある東京の観光スポット渋谷の一番目立つ場所にある渋谷Q-frontのスターバックスコーヒーSHBUYA TUSTAYA店の壁面アートをデザインしました。






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installation & interior

display design for Roppongi Hills Club

June 01, 2015

Roppongi Hills Club:
Italian restaurant “la cucina” – Display design

display design

credit :
creative direction: artless Inc.
art direction: shun kawakami, artless Inc.
graphic design: nao nozawa, artless Inc.

display stylist: miho kawakami
photographer: yuu kawakami
client: Roppongi Hills Club

Display design for La Cucina, an Italian restaurant in Roppongi Hills Club. With the aim of welcoming guests, a display corner featuring a shop sign and special products was made using organic materials such as wood and cork.

六本木ヒルズクラブのイタリアンレストラン「la cucina」のゲストをお出迎えするためのディスプレイデザイン。木やコルクといったオーガニックな素材を多用し、店名サインとこだわりの商品ディスプレイのコーナーを制作しました。











installation & interior

5 quinto : private restaurant

March 29, 2015

5 quinto :
private restaurant
(branding: art direction, graphic design [logo, sign design, menu], web design and art)

credits :
branding, art direction and logo design, artwork: shun kawakami, artless Inc.
produce, planning, interior design by Miho Yokozuka
photography by Lyie Nitta
web design and programming: artless interactive


installation & interior

ADOJ – video installation at tokyo graphic passport

February 13, 2015

ADOJ : video installation & space design
at tokyo graphic passport

credit :
project management: AODJ / ambassador of design, japan
art direction, sign design: shun kawakami, artless Inc.
space and interior design: eisuke tachikawa, nosigner
movie direction: masashi kawamura, party ny
client: tokyo graphic passport

award :
SDA賞 最優秀賞
DSA賞 空間デザイン優秀賞 受賞


installation & interior

YCAM – Yamaguchi Center for Arts and Media : digital signage

January 06, 2015

YCAM – Yamaguchi Center for Arts and Media :
digital signage


credit :
Interior Design: Upsetters architects
Art Direction, Sign Design, UI: artless Inc.
Programming: grand base Inc.
Client: YCAM / Yamaguchi Center for Arts and Media


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