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pmq hong kong multimedia installation art

May 29, 2017

pmq hong kong
artwork + installation design + concept design + sign design + graphic design

credit :
creative direction, art direction & artwork: shun kawakami, artless Inc.
space design & installation: kazunori matsumura, firm.
calligraphy: gen miyamura
video art: seven shuffles

installation assistant: ken aoki, artless Inc.
graphic design: koyuki inagaki, artless Inc.

‘Bokusho -墨象-,’ an installation art piece that combines the artwork by Shun Kawakami and calligraphic strokes by Gen Miyamura, first released in 2011 for ISETAN, was revived and evolved in 2016 at Hong Kong deTour 2016.

‘deTour’ is a concurrent annual event of ‘the Business of Design Week,’ organised and hosted by Hong Kong Design Centre and PMQ. In 2016, with the year’s theme being ‘Game Changer,’ we were selected to be part of the programme by creating an installation art piece to be set up at PMQ in Central, Hong Kong.

Our response to the theme ‘Game Changer’ was to create an artwork that questions the definition of a traditional art form. The title of our artwork ‘Bokusho -墨象 -’ is directly derived from the term meaning an avant-garde calligraphy style that sprung out of post-war Japan. In this artwork, traditional calligraphy and ink painting are explored in different forms.

Photos of Japanese pines, calligraphic strokes and alphabets were combined and printed on translucent fabrics. Visitors were able to walk into the artwork – making the visitors themselves to be part of the calligraphic pine forest. Do we define an art form by its subject matter, media or aesthetic style? Rather, we believe in philosophical and atmospheric ethos – the spontaneity of strokes, the tension within the accidental negative spaces – and that an art form should not be confined by a definition.

This artwork questions such definition, to become ‘the game changer’ in the field of traditional art form.

2016年、「Hong Kong Design Centre」と「PMQ」が共同で主催するアートイベント「deTour 2016」に川上シュンがアーティストとして参加し、インスタレーションアートを制作しました。

「deTour」は、Hong Kong Design Centre が2002年から主催するインターナショナルイベント「Business of Design Week」と同時開催する、年に一度のアートイベントです。香港の中心地「中環」に位置するクリエイティブハブ「PMQ」で、約2週間の間、香港をはじめとしたアジアの若手クリエイターの作品を展示した他、ワークショップ・イベントを開催し、アジア地域のクリエイティブホットスポットとしての香港を体感することができるイベントになりました。

毎年異なるテーマで実施される「deTour」、2016年のテーマは「Game Changer」=「概念をくつがえすもの」。伝統芸術のあり方を問う前衛芸術運動「墨象」を題したインスタレーションアートを制作し、川上シュンのアートと書家・宮村弦氏の書が生み出す世界観を、空間デザイナー・Firm. の松村和典氏とのコラボレーションで空間化いたしました。


伝統的なアート表現を現代のテクノロジーと、そしてグラフィックを映像・音楽と組み合わせた空間構成で、日本の伝統美術を体験型アートへと昇華させ、香港の地でグローバルなオーディエンスに伝えることで、「墨象」のタイトルに表現されるような「Game Changer」の制作を試みた作品です。









installation & interior

direction for UZUMASA EDO SAKABA

September 30, 2016

UZUMASA EDO SAKABA / movie and space installation 
produce + artist curation + art direction

creative direction and produce: artless Inc.
art direction and design: shun kawakami + kazuki kaneko, artless Inc.

flower art: takayuki tanaka, united flowers
motion graphics: EDP graphic works
photography: yuu kawakami, artless Inc.

suibokuga: shoh yoshida
calligraphy: yuuna okanishi
sound design: JEMAPUR
ceramic art: hirotsugu ogawa
agency: ryo kagami, dentsu Inc. + takuhei matsuura, secai Inc.

client: Toei Company, ltd.

Uzumasa Edo Sakaba: Bakumatsu Summer Festival is a summer nights festival held in Uzumasa’s Toei Kyoto Studio Park,
where guests can enjoy Kyoto’s traditional performances while tasting local sake and foods; all in a meticulously crafted Edo period setting.In commemoration of the 300th anniversary of the birth of Ito Jakuchu, we produced, curated, and art directed an installation and motion graphic piece based on the theme of Jakuchu and flowers.

Tanaka Takayuki, a highly recognised flower artist who is active both in his home country and abroad, was deeply affected by Jakuchu’s works and had been creating flower art as an homage to the esteemed artist. The photographs that he took of his artworks as a record of his artistic journey, were used to create the motion graphic piece.The motion graphic was created by EDP graphic works; a studio based in Shibuya, Daikanyama and Fukuoka, that has created various films and motion graphic works for television shows and commercials.The Suibokuga(Japanese ink painting) featured in the opening of the video was created by Syoh Yoshida, a Kyoto based artist whose artwork had been featured in many galleries in Japan and overseas, including an exhibition in New York. The title was done by award winning calligrapher Yuuna Okanishi. The music was composed by JEMAPUR, a musician who has been at the forefront of the electronic music scene, and rakuyaki-ware artist Hirotsugu Ogawa created the rakuyaki flower vase that works in synergy with the motion graphic to create the singular atmosphere of the space.

In collaborating with eclectic artists and creators from various fields, we were able to create a space that invokes Jakuchu and the uniquely Japanese notions of ‘wabi-sabi’ as filtered through a modern lens.

京都・太秦にある東映映画村にて開催された、「幕末」をテーマに京都の伝統芸能、地酒・食事が楽しめるイベント「太秦 江戸酒場 ~幕末・夏祭り~」。伊藤若冲の生誕300年を記念して、「若冲と華」をコンセプトとした映像および空間インスタレーションを開催し、artlessはプロデュース、キュレーションおよびアートディレクションを行いました。

国内外を問わず、空間装飾から広告、アートプロジェクトまで多岐に渡り活躍しているフラワーアーティスト・田中孝幸が、若冲の作品に感銘を受け、彼へのオマージュとしてフラワーアートを制作し、撮りためてきた写真を映像作品へと昇華させています。映像デザインは、渋谷、代官山、福岡を拠点に、TV&映画のオープニングタイトルやコマーシャルムービーを中心に、さまざまなモーショングラフィック作品を世に送り出しているEDP graphic works が担当。また、オープニングの水墨画はNYで作品展示を行うなど海外でも活躍している吉田翔、題字は国内外で数多くの賞を受賞している書道家の岡西佑奈。


















branding & identity

artless craft tea & coffee

August 26, 2016

artless craft tea & coffee

planning, art direction, graphic and interior design, artwork: shun kawakami, artless Inc.

construction and design: kogazo architects
graphic and web design: shinsaku iwatachi, artless Inc.
web programming: adrien dufond, artless interactive
photography: yuu kawakami, artless Inc.

artless craft tea & coffee is a coffee stand produced, designed, and managed by artless Inc. Located in the beating heart of Harajuku, the stand doubles as our second office in Tokyo.

With a focus on the word craft, we provide single origin coffees from small independent farms, known as micro-lots or micro-mills. From the illustrious lives of the farmers to the manufacturing and distributing process, each coffee has a unique story to tell. Through a carefully calibrated hand dripping process, we deliver these stories one cup at a time. 

Our roasted Japanese teas are brewed using organic and pesticide-free tea leaves, harvested by hand in small-scale farms. The tea leaves are delicately roasted and prepared in a Tokoname ware tea pot made by some of the finest craftsman in Japan. Every care is made to ensure that the essence of the leaves are distilled in every single drop.

In addition, we provide an option of adding fresh organic milk to soften and further enrich the coffee or tea. 

Designed as a modern take on the Japanese tea room, the space uses untreated larch plywood(sheet material manufactured from thin layers of wood ), often used in architecture, as a key design element. With a small furnace for the tea-kettle cut out of the counter-top(a five meter wide slab of metal), the space embodies the uniquely Japanese notions of wabisabi and incomplete beauty, while articulating a refined modern aesthetic. 

From the tea strainer by Kanaami-tsuji Kyoto, to the tea canister by Kaikaido, Asahiyaki teapot from Uji, and Hakuraku vases by Ogawa Hirotsugu(eldest son of Ogawa Chouraku); an equal amount of care was taken in the selection of the tools with a focus on honouring the ever-evolving handicrafts of Japan. 

The minimalist ambient music plays a key role in crafting the refined atmosphere of the space. In collaboration with sound artists, we have designed a dedicated soundtrack that compliments and builds upon the identity of our brand.

Much like the finest tea rooms, we take great care in ensuring that every detail, from the tools used by the baristas to the intangible ambience, is designed to create a singular space.

artless craft tea & coffee aims to synthesise the unique aesthetics of Japan, with the emerging trend of artisanal crafted goods. 

artless craft tea & coffee は、artless Inc.がトータルプロデュース・運営する、オフィスを併設した東京・裏原宿のコーヒースタンドです。




使用する道具も、京都 金網辻の茶こし、開化堂の茶筒、宇治/朝日焼の急須、樂焼/三代目小川長樂の長男・小川裕嗣氏の白樂の茶碗や花器など、進化し続ける日本の伝統工芸品。店内に流れるBGMは、ブランドコンセプトに沿ったミニマルで上質なサウンド。音楽も空間デザインの一つの要素として、音楽家とのコラボレーションによるオリジナルのサウンドデザインを行いました。

artless craft tea & coffee は、茶道のように道具や空間の気配にまで細部へのこだわりと配慮を大切にしています。日本の独自の美意識を再解釈し、現代のトレンドやサードウェーブとの融合を模索する新しいスタイルのブランドです。



























installation & interior

art installation for starbucks | q-front shibuya

February 01, 2016

starbucks | q-front shibuya
art installation

credit :
creative direction: artless Inc.
planning, art direction: shun kawakami, artless Inc.

design: nao nozawa, artless Inc.
photographer: yuu kawakami
client: Starbucks Coffee Japan, Ltd.

We had the great pleasure of designing a mural for Starbucks Q-front; a popular attraction unto itself, located in the prime location of Shibuya and overlooking the busiest crossing in the world.

We depicted the ‘Coffee Belt’, an imaginary band that stretches around the world that encompasses major coffee growing areas; as a semi-three dimensional map using carefully arranged cubes of wood
of varying sizes and colors. A mosaic of pixels, representing the cutting edge digital scene of Shibuya, expresses the fabric patterns that are originated in the coffee producing regions.

Through our design, our aim was to create a warm atmosphere that would envelope customers as they make their purchase on the first floor and then on the second floor, take a leisurely sip of their coffee as they watch the hustle and bustle of the city below. We believe Starbuck’s hospitable spirit and our design philosophy was conveyed through the use of wood and handwritten text and other meticulously thought out details.

We are extremely proud and delighted that we were able to contribute our design to an iconic Starbucks store; visited by millions, locally and from abroad. It would be our pleasure if you drop by whenever you visit Shibuya.

Lastly, we would like to extend our gratitude to the many who supported us and helped bring our vision to reality.

世界的に人気のある東京の観光スポット渋谷の一番目立つ場所にある渋谷Q-frontのスターバックスコーヒーSHBUYA TUSTAYA店の壁面アートをデザインしました。






_MG_0031_no logo

















installation & interior

display design for Roppongi Hills Club

June 01, 2015

Roppongi Hills Club:
Italian restaurant “la cucina” – Display design

display design

credit :
creative direction: artless Inc.
art direction: shun kawakami, artless Inc.
graphic design: nao nozawa, artless Inc.

display stylist: miho kawakami
photographer: yuu kawakami
client: Roppongi Hills Club

Display design for La Cucina, an Italian restaurant in Roppongi Hills Club. With the aim of welcoming guests, a display corner featuring a shop sign and special products was made using organic materials such as wood and cork.

六本木ヒルズクラブのイタリアンレストラン「la cucina」のゲストをお出迎えするためのディスプレイデザイン。木やコルクといったオーガニックな素材を多用し、店名サインとこだわりの商品ディスプレイのコーナーを制作しました。











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