DFA Design for Asia Awards 2017 Merit Award

November 27, 2017

artless craft tea & coffee
identity + branding + interior design




artless Inc. is proud to announce that our branding project for artless craft tea and coffee was honored with the Merit Award from DFA Design for Asia Awards 2017, one of the most coveted design awards in Asia.

The DFA Awards is an internationally recognized program launched in 2003 by the Hong Kong Design Centre with the aim of cementing Hong Kong’s role as the epicenter of design in Asia. With a focus on the ever-expanding design industry in Asia, the DFA Award recognizes and celebrates exemplary designs with an Asian perspective. With over a thousand entries from more than 23 countries across the globe, the DFA Awards has a strong international influence in Asia. The awards ceremony will take place on December 6th in Hong Kong, and the winning works will be exhibited during “IDFA Awards Exhibition at DesignInspire” at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre for three days from December 7th to the 9th.

The Japanese concepts of “wabi-sabi” and “incomplete beauty”, originating from the “sado (tea ceremony)” culture are hard to come by in daily life. artless craft tea & coffee is a tea and coffee stand with the design concept “chashitsu (tea room)”, where the notions of “sado” is expressed through a modern sensibility.

Created and managed by creative agency artless Inc., every aspect of the shop, including spatial design, product design, and graphic design, as well as menu development, is infused with notions inherent in “sado” and expressed through a modern vocabulary to create a “chashitsu” that synthesizes tradition with modernity.

As part of the mission to turn the space into a cultural hub, the shop also includes an art gallery where up-and-coming artists can exhibit their work. The space functions as a place where like-minded creatives can meet and share ideas.

As a space that expresses traditional Japanese culture through a modern aesthetic, the shop has become popular with inbound visitors from around the world, as well as young people who are interested in traditional culture.


■ artless craft tea & coffee
nakame gallery street J2
2-45-12, kami-meguro, meguro-ku, tokyo 153-0051 japan
tel. 03-6434-1345
opening hours/11:00~20:00 ※open daily except otherwise noticed

artless Inc.がトータルプロデュースと運営を行う artless craft tea & coffeeが、香港の権威あるデザイン賞「アジアデザイン賞 / DFA Designs for Asia Awards 2017」の「優秀賞 / Merit Award」を受賞しました。

DFA Design For Asia Awards 2017
AWARD : Merit Award
PROJECT NAME : artless craft tea & coffee – Identity & Branding

アジアデザイン賞(DFA)は、香港をアジアのデザイン拠点として位置づけるべく、2003年に香港デザインセンターの主催によって開始された世界的なデザイン賞で、毎年世界23カ国以上、1000件以上のエントリーのある国際的なアワードです。本年度は2017年12月6日に香港で授賞式が行われ、12/7~9の3日間 Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centreにて開催される「IDFA Awards Exhibition at DesignInspire」にて受賞作品の展示が予定されています。

茶道の「侘び寂び」そして「未完の美」という日本独自の美意識をベースに現代的なデザイン表現を行った artless craft tea & coffee は、空間デザインのコンセプトを「現代の茶室」とし、茶道においてと同様に空間・プロダクト・グラフィックなど細部へのこだわりと配慮を大切にしています。また店内奥には、文化の拠点として新たな価値やコミュニケーションが生まれる場所としてアポイントメント制ギャラリーを併設。現代的な美意識と伝統的な日本文化を表現する空間として、世界中の旅行客や伝統文化に興味を持つ若者が日々多く訪れています。

お近くにお越しの際は、ぜひ artless craft tea & coffee にお立ち寄り下さい。


■ artless craft tea & coffee
東京都目黒区上目黒 2-45-12 nakame gallery street J2(85)
tel. 03-6434-1345
営業時間/11:00~20:00 不定休


credit :
planning, art direction, graphic & interior design, artwork: shun kawakami, artless Inc.
construction & design: kogazo architects
graphic & web design: shinsaku iwatachi, artless Inc.
web programming: adrien dufond, artless interactive
photography: yuu kawakam, artless Inc.

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branding & identity

artless craft tea & coffee

August 26, 2016

artless craft tea & coffee

planning, art direction, graphic and interior design, artwork: shun kawakami, artless Inc.

construction and design: kogazo architects
graphic and web design: shinsaku iwatachi, artless Inc.
web programming: adrien dufond, artless interactive
photography: yuu kawakami, artless Inc.

artless craft tea & coffee is a coffee stand produced, designed, and managed by artless Inc. Located in the beating heart of Harajuku, the stand doubles as our second office in Tokyo.

With a focus on the word craft, we provide single origin coffees from small independent farms, known as micro-lots or micro-mills. From the illustrious lives of the farmers to the manufacturing and distributing process, each coffee has a unique story to tell. Through a carefully calibrated hand dripping process, we deliver these stories one cup at a time. 

Our roasted Japanese teas are brewed using organic and pesticide-free tea leaves, harvested by hand in small-scale farms. The tea leaves are delicately roasted and prepared in a Tokoname ware tea pot made by some of the finest craftsman in Japan. Every care is made to ensure that the essence of the leaves are distilled in every single drop.

In addition, we provide an option of adding fresh organic milk to soften and further enrich the coffee or tea. 

Designed as a modern take on the Japanese tea room, the space uses untreated larch plywood(sheet material manufactured from thin layers of wood ), often used in architecture, as a key design element. With a small furnace for the tea-kettle cut out of the counter-top(a five meter wide slab of metal), the space embodies the uniquely Japanese notions of wabisabi and incomplete beauty, while articulating a refined modern aesthetic. 

From the tea strainer by Kanaami-tsuji Kyoto, to the tea canister by Kaikaido, Asahiyaki teapot from Uji, and Hakuraku vases by Ogawa Hirotsugu(eldest son of Ogawa Chouraku); an equal amount of care was taken in the selection of the tools with a focus on honouring the ever-evolving handicrafts of Japan. 

The minimalist ambient music plays a key role in crafting the refined atmosphere of the space. In collaboration with sound artists, we have designed a dedicated soundtrack that compliments and builds upon the identity of our brand.

Much like the finest tea rooms, we take great care in ensuring that every detail, from the tools used by the baristas to the intangible ambience, is designed to create a singular space.

artless craft tea & coffee aims to synthesise the unique aesthetics of Japan, with the emerging trend of artisanal crafted goods. 

artless craft tea & coffee は、artless Inc.がトータルプロデュース・運営する、オフィスを併設した東京・裏原宿のコーヒースタンドです。




使用する道具も、京都 金網辻の茶こし、開化堂の茶筒、宇治/朝日焼の急須、樂焼/三代目小川長樂の長男・小川裕嗣氏の白樂の茶碗や花器など、進化し続ける日本の伝統工芸品。店内に流れるBGMは、ブランドコンセプトに沿ったミニマルで上質なサウンド。音楽も空間デザインの一つの要素として、音楽家とのコラボレーションによるオリジナルのサウンドデザインを行いました。

artless craft tea & coffee は、茶道のように道具や空間の気配にまで細部へのこだわりと配慮を大切にしています。日本の独自の美意識を再解釈し、現代のトレンドやサードウェーブとの融合を模索する新しいスタイルのブランドです。



























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