time and style, tokyo midtown

exhibition of art and photography

2010. 9.11.sat – 12.24.sun


“moon” [print art]
price 555,555JPY
print on gold leaf / silver leaf + top coat + dosa (a liquid made of weak nikawa and myoban that preps the paper) + wood panel
size: W590mm x H1680mm (A1 x 2)
(Edition: 2/2)
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artwork by shun kawakami
calligraphy by gen miyamura


“ballon as vase” 125,000JPY
(Edition: 1/10)
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“ikebana” [print art] 125,000JPY [SOLD OUT]
(Edition: 1/2)
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YCAM – Yamaguchi Center for Arts and Media

Steve Paxton “Phantom Exhibition” 2009. 5.24 – 8.31
Body as Inter image 2009. 4.25 – 8.31
at YCAM – Yamaguchi Center for Arts and Media
[Logo, Exhibition Sign Design, Poster, Booklet]

Introducing Paxton’s body philosophy reinterpreting the frameworks of various physical sensation and action in a fusion of contemporary dance and art.
A leading figure in American post-modern dance, dancer/choreographer Steve Paxton is visiting Japan for the first time in 34 years. At YCAM, Steve Paxton presents a new video installation, centered around which a variety of events including demonstrations by the artist himself, and lectures with invited experts, take place as a comprehensive introduction to Paxton’s body philosophy.
Through the experience of a video installation and other events explaining Paxton’s methods and original artistic work, which keep influencing the current dance scene, this exhibition introduces Paxton’s work from the contexts of social and historical circumstances in the 1960s, and looks at the present form of the new physical and spatial qualities discovered through media-based artistic expression.

credit :
Steve Paxton “Phantom Exhibition”
Organizer: Yamaguchi City Foundation for Cultural Promotion
Support: Yamaguchi City, Yamaguchi City Board of Education
Co-sponsor: Japan-United States Friendship Commission, Asian Cultural Council, The Saison Foundation
Produced by Yamaguchi Center for Arts and Media [YCAM]
Technical support: YCAM InterLab
Curator: Kazunao Abe (YCAM)
Design direction: Shun Kawakami (artless)

Sign Design:


art award tokyo marunouchi 2010

art award tokyo marunouchi 2010
(Logo, Exhibition and Sign, Poster, Flyer, Booklet)

2010. 4.29.-5.30
at Gyoko-dori Underground Gallery (Tokyo Station)

The Art Award Tokyo Marunouchi (a.a.t.m.), held at the Marunouchi Gyoko-dori Underground Gallery, is an art exhibition designed to help identify and provide support to young artists. This year’s exhibition will not disappoint; like past shows, it will be full of great talent!
The a.a.t.m. features works of art and artists selected from amongst graduation projects at Japan’s art universities and graduate schools. These are displayed at the Gyoko-dori Underground Gallery, and a Grand Prize is awarded to the top piece. The judges are all professionals who lead Japan’s art scene. The 143 artists introduced over the past three years include many new artists who have since risen to prominence and are already active on a variety of fronts. Thus the goal of which is to identify and encourage new artists, is yielding steady results with each event held. Vote for the Audience Prize, which gained the positive response last year! A brand new art spot in Marunouchi, the Mitsubishi Ichigokan Museum adds to Marunouchi’s character as a hotspot for art. We hope that everyone will enjoy this competition between the young artists who are a harbinger of the future of art.

credit :
art direction and design : artless inc.
logo design : shun kawakami
creative direction : shigeo goto
client : MITSUBISHI ESTATE Co., Ltd.
suponsor : shu uemura

Taro Amano (Chief Curator of Yokohama Museum of Art )
Yuka Uematsu (Curator, the National Museum of Art, Osaka )
Shigeo Goto (Professor of Kyoto University of Art and Design )
Kazue Kobata (Curator, Professor of Tokyo University of Fine Arts and Music )
Tomio Koyama (Director of Tomio Koyama Gallery )
Naoki Sato (Art director, Associate Professor of Tama Art University )
Yuko Hasegawa (Chief Curator of Museum of Contemporary Art, Tokyo )

Guest Judge
Kohei Nawa (Artist)

Exhibition and Sign :

poster :

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Logo :

blanc. + ark inc.

(Logo, CD Jacket, Website)

credit :
art direction and design : shun kawakami (artless)
flash development : hitsme
photography : nam
sound : blanc.

blanc. is the critically acclaimed solo project and alter-ego of Maynard Plant, lead vocalist of the popular Japanese pop-rock band Monkey Majik. The project began in 2003 with the meeting of Maynard and Sendai City co-resident Takeshi Hanzawa of FreeTEMPO. Maynard sang and wrote the lyrics for the house tracks “Sky High”, “Duet” and “New Days” on FreeTEMPO’s 2nd album “THE WORLD IS ECHOED” under the pseudonym “blanc.”. This collaboration, now legendary, marked the beginning of blanc.’s career. Since then, blanc. has collaborated with many electronic and house musicians. In March of 2008 he produced and released his first album “new world”. blanc.’s much anticipated 2nd album “canvas” was released June 10th, 2009. The new album is a fusion of electronic, organic, house and pop music.

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ark inc.
(C.I., Stationary, Website)

ark.inc. is music label and management.

credit :
art direction and design : shun kawakami (artless)
flash development : hitsme
photography : nam
sound : blanc.

Logo :

Website :