branding & photo direction for koé 2018ss & 2017aw

branding & photo direction for koé 2018ss & 2017aw
branding + photo direction

branding & design consulting : artless Inc.
creative & art direction: shun kawakami, artless Inc.
art direction & design: kazuki kaneko, artless Inc.
project management: asami kinoshita, ken aoki, artless Inc.
photography: kyohei matsuda, mash creative
hair & make up: mika furukawa, mash creative
botanical styling: nobuaki kawahara, REN

branding & design consulting:  artless Inc.
creative & art direction: shun kawakami, artless Inc.
art direction & design: kazuki kaneko, artless Inc.
project management: asami kinoshita, artless Inc.
photography: yuji inagaki, W Inc.
interior styling: katsuya kubokawa
food styling: miho kawakami
hair styling: hiroki, W Inc.
make up: kazuko hayasaka, W Inc.
coordination: W Inc.


Since 2017 we have been in charge of branding for lifestyle brand “koé” and art direction for the key visuals of each season. Through our work, we helped visualize the brand’s concept “new basic for new culture” and their ethical and neutral brand ethos.


artlessは2017年より、ライフスタイルブランド「koé」の継続的なブランディングを担当し、各シーズンのキービジュアルのトータルディレクションを行なっています。新たなブランドコンセプト「New Basic For New Culture」のもと、エシカルでニュートラルなブランドの空気感をビジュアルで表現しています。




designart tokyo
branding + total design

creative direction: shun kawakami, artless Inc.
graphic design: koyuki inagaki + hitomi yasuda + kanako ueno, artless Inc.
project management: ken aoki + asami kinoshita, artless Inc.
copywriting: river Inc.
photography: yuu kawakami, artless Inc.


DESIGNART is an organization and event founded in 2017. The organization launched itself by initiating a design & art festival spanning across different areas of Tokyo called DESIGNART 2017. Shun Kawakami, as one of the 6 co-founders alongside with Akio Aoki (MIRU design), Hiroshi Koike (NON-GRID / IMG SRC), Okisato Nagata (EXS Inc.), Astrid Klein and Mark Dytham (Klein Dytham architecture), designed the logo and artless Inc. was in charge of building the identity of DESIGNART.

DESIGNART’s first festival, DESIGNART 2017, exhibited “purchasable arts” that visitors could bring home – ranging from interior products, furnitures, wearable arts to fine arts. About 200 creators including renowned Pierre Charpin, participated across 72 venues in Tokyo, and gained 42,500 visitors. Our responsibilities ranged from logo design, stationeries design, content planning to event ephemerals such as booklets, venue facades, flyers, posters and badges.

Being an event with such wide range of exhibits and artists, our approach to the identity was to make it bold, identifiable, yet flexible and sophisticated at the same time. We created a frame with changing shape according to an object inside it, defining the object as a DESIGNART – a piece that crosses boundaries. The logo was seen across the city, framing objects of different scales; a product, wall to a scene. The logo was made recognizable with definite graphic rules. The upper left corner was kept 90°, and black & gold palette were used to complement its well-established exhibitors such as Louis Vuitton, while still being distinguishable.

We believe that the identity performed aesthetic dynamism, while giving a strong character by being instantly recognizable.


DESIGNART (デザイナート)は、2017に発足した組織であり、デザイン&アートフェスティバルの名称です。デザインという共通点を持ちながら、異なる分野を率いる青木昭夫(MIRU DESIGN)、小池 博史 (NON-GRID / IMG SRC)、永田宙郷 (EXS Inc.)、Astrid Klein、 Mark Dytham (Klein Dytham architecture)そして川上シュン(artless Inc.)から成る6名が、発起人としてプランニングからデザインまで手がけました。

‘DESIGNART’を、「デザインとアートの境界をまたぎ、日々の生活に感動を生むもの」と定義し、初回となるDESIGNART 2017では、Pierre Charpinを含む約200のクリエイターが72箇所に参加、42,500人の訪問者が展示品である’DESIGNART’たちを楽しみました。表参道をはじめ、外苑前、原宿、渋谷、恵比寿、中目黒、広尾、代官山、中目黒、六本木と、開催エリアは広範囲にわたり、まさに街全体をミュージアムとしたデザインとアートの祭典になりました。




takami holdings

takami holdings
branding + visual identity

creative & art direction: shun kawakami, artless Inc.
graphic design: koyuki inagaki, artless Inc.
assistant design: kanako ueno, artless Inc.
project management: asami kinoshita, artless Inc.
copywriting: dai takeuchi, river Inc.
key visual photography: takashi yasui, koyuki inagaki
web programming: hyrax inc.
client: takami holdings


artless Inc. is in charge of carrying out the V.I. design and brand direction for “TAKAMI HOLDINGS”, holding company that owns “TAKAMI BRIDAL” and its affiliated companies in the field of hospitality. “TAKAMI BRIDAL” first opened in Kyoto as a kimono store, and since its establishment in 1923, the company has been flexibly evolving itself to suit the needs of the era. At present, TAKAMI BRIDAL offers services borderlessly across the filed of hospitality, from self-production of bridal dresses, styling kimonos, event planning, arranging overseas wedding ceremonies to food & beverages.

artless Inc. has designed and directed the V.I. and branding for TAKAMI HOLDINGS with a focus on “authentic hospitality.” Our task involved integrated design strategy through logo design, stationeries, corporate website, recruit website, copywriting, invitation and greeting cards.

To carry the weight of the company’s history and its trustworthiness, the logo design is based on Venetian typeface which is tailored letter by letter to add a warm, organic touch. The corporate colour is grey, which represents ‘the art of being a complement’. TAKAMI HOLDINGS’s philosophy in hospitality lies on enhancing or emphasizing the qualities of its customer’s moments shared with them. The corporate visual features abstract scenery, providing a plesant presence rather than calling for an attention.

This is a project that delicately communicates of confidence, authenticity and quality through the holistic design approach.


artless Inc.は、1923年に京都にて創業した「TAKAMI BRIDAL」並びに、系列会社を束ねるために設立された「TAKAMI HOLDINGS」のV.I.構築とブランディングを担当しています。

「TAKAMI BRIDAL」は、1923年に呉服屋として創業して以来、時代とともに柔軟に進化を遂げ、今ではウェディングドレスのインポートをはじめとした、自社ブランドでのドレス制作・着物のコーディネート・イベントプランニング・海外挙式のプロデュース・飲食事業など、ホスピタリティ分野を横断したサービスを提供しています。




brand mood photography :


V.I :


MIST Hotel and Pullman Kaifeng

MIST Hotel and Pullman Kaifeng
creative direction & photo direction

credit :
art direction: shun kawakami + koyuki inagaki, artless Inc.
photography: yoshihiro makino, W Inc.

Yoshihiro Makino

artless Inc. has carried out art direction for photoshooting promotional visuals at “MIST Hotel” and “Pullman Kaifeng” – luxury hotels owned by Central China Hotel Management, who has been earning reputations from their past projects in Henan Province.

Photographer Yoshihiro Makino and creative director Shun Kawakami have vividly captured the spatial atmosphere of the locations. Yoshihiro Makino is a photographer, based in Los Angeles whilst actively going across West and East coasts, whose primary expertise includes interior photography, landscape photography and documentary portraits.

“MIST Hotel” is a luxury resort hotel, for which artless Inc. carried out an integrated visual identity design that consists of: logo, wayfinding, amenity and website deisgn.


中国・江南省を中心にホスピタリティ事業での実績を誇る「Central China Hotel Management Group」のラグジュアリーホテル「MIST Hotel」「Pullman Kaifeng」において、イメージビジュアル撮影のディレクションを行いました。

LAを拠点に西海岸と東海岸をバイコースタルに行き来しながらも、グローバルなフィールドでインテリアやランドスケープ、ドキュメントポートレイトの撮影を得意とするフォトグラファー Yoshihiro Makino 氏を迎え、弊社クリエイティブディレクター・川上シュンとのコラボレーションにより、空間に流れる空気感を切り取りました。

「MIST Hotel」はロゴ、サイン、アメニティデザイン、ウェブサイトデザインまで弊社がトータルデザインとブランディングを手がけたリゾートホテルです。


Untitled Session0591
Untitled Session0634eUntitled Session0646e
Untitled Session0793e
Untitled Session0859
Untitled Session0940e
Untitled Session1117
Untitled Session1257e
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Untitled Session1326e
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Pullman Kaifeng
Untitled Session1666e
Untitled Session1762
Untitled Session1796
Untitled Session1883e
Untitled Session1958e
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MIST Hot Spring Hotel 花满地

MIST Hot Spring Hotel 花满地
v.i. + branding


credit :

architecture & interior design: amata luphaiboon, department of architecture
branding: artless Inc.
art direction & creative direction: shun kawakami, artless Inc.
graphic design: koyuki inagaki, kanako ueno, noey nitipon, artless Inc.
website programming: adrien dufond, manmaru inc.
project management: ken aoki, artless Inc.
architecture photography: wison tungthunya
sign & product photography: yuu kawakami, artless Inc.
client: central china hotel management


MIST Hot Spring Hotel is a hotel project for which we have been in charge of V.I., branding, graphic design, web design and sign design since 2016. This spring, on 28th March 2018, MIST will have its doors open in Henan Province, China.

The architecture & interior design by Department of Architecture from Bangkok, Thailand, brings a new scenery to the landscape of Henan. With their portfolios such as Hilton Pattaya and Sala Phuket Resorts, Department of Architecture has won numerous awards within and out of their home country, notably Blueprint Award (UK, Winner), Hospitality Design Award (NY, Winner) and Architizer A+ Awards (NY, Jury Winner). Amata Luphaiboon, the co-founder from Department of Architecture, has executed an integrated design from the architecture, interior to the installation art pieces.

The iconic facade of MIST is composed of colourful windows, bringing colours to the landscape of Henan. The interior is characterised by strict black & white colour schemes. The light falls through the colourfully shaded windows, casting tinted lights into the monochrome building and creates various expressions at different time of the day.

artless Inc. has directed the hotel branding with keywords “mist” and “colours of the sky” to correspond with the architecture and interior. The logo was constructed to depict shapeless, indefinite form of mist. The sign design was created with typographic system based on the logo. The materials chosen are tracing papers, acryls and glasses to express clarity. The branding uses colours picked from the sky. The vivid gradation colours used in hotel amenities make a striking addition to the guests’ experience.

Central China Hotel Management has been earning reputations from their past projects in Henan Province such as Le Meridien Zhengzhou and Pullman Kaifeng. MIST Hotel is the first project of Central China that uses their own name. We believe that marrying the built know-hows of Central China with creatives of Asia, has resulted in one of a kind hotels in the world.


artless Inc. が 2016年からロゴをはじめ、サイン・アメニティ・ウェブサイトとトータルで V.I. 及びブランディングを担当したリゾートホテル「MIST Hot Spring Hotel (花满地)」が 2018年3月28日、中国・河南省にてグランドオープンします。

建築/インテリアデザインは、タイ・バンコクを拠点とする Department of Architecture が手がけました。Hilton Pattaya や Sala Phuket Resort などの実績を持ち、Blueprint Award (UK) 優秀賞をはじめ Hospitality Design Award (NY) 優秀賞、Architizer A+ Awards (NY) 審査員賞を受賞し、国内外で高い評価を得ています。MIST Hotel は建築からインテリア、インスタレーションアートまでが Department of Architecture の創設者 Amata Luphaiboon 氏によってデザインされています。

カラフルな窓が印象的なファサードは、緑地の少ない河南省の景色を彩ります。中に入ると、白と黒のミニマルな中に配色された窓がカラフルな光を差し込み、一刻ごとに変わる光の角度や明るさによって空間に異なった表情を与えます。また MIST Hotel の温泉が生み出す「霧」をイメージしたインスタレーションアートが館内のいたるところに散りばめられ、滞在中はアートとの出会いを楽しむことができます。

artless Inc. が担当したブランディングのキーコンセプトは、建築と連動する「霧」「空」。霧の様に形をもたない様子を表したロゴ・タイポグラフィシステムをデザインしました。トレーシングペーパー、アクリル、ガラスなど透明感のある素材を多用し、建築との一体感を大事にしています。ブランドカラーには、空の色/建築で使用している色から着想を得たカラーを。華やかなグラデーションカラーが施されたアメニティは、差し込むカラフルな光と共に空間に色を添えます。

「Le Meridien Zhengzhou」や「Pullman Kaifeng」など、河南省ホスピタリティ分野で実績を誇る Central China Hotel Management グループ。MIST Hotel は彼らの初の試みとなる、自社ブランドのホテルプロジェクトです。培ったノウハウと、アジアで活躍するクリエイティブがかけあわさり実現しました。


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