setouchi retreat aonagi

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credit :
branding: logo, v.i., graphic & sign design by artless Inc.
client:okcs (onkochishin)

art direction and design: shun kawakami, artless Inc.
project management: satoko tanaka, artless Inc.
design: koyuki inagaki, artless Inc.
photographer: kyohei matsuda, alexander mitchell, yuu kawakami

Overlooking the incomparable view of the Setouchi Inland Sea, “Setouchi Retreat Aonagi” is a small luxury hotel that enjoys the matching of Tadao Ando’s architecture design with the one-of-a-kind location the structure is nested at.

Filled with the generous use of spaces, the Ando architecture presents seven guestrooms. Limited to be used by the guests only, the hotel offers spacious outdoor and indoor swimming pools, jacuzzi and sauna. The therapists at “ALL THAT SPA SETOUCHI” would relieve you of all stress with their domestically produced, all-natural treatments. Neighbouring the hotel is the well-known “Elleair Golf Club Matsuyama.” The rich array of facilities and services is brought together to cater for various interests.

Our identity design for Setouchi Retreat Aonagi involved graphic works such as: logo design, sign system, pamphlet, stationeries and other operational items. Also tasked were website design and communication design for PR purposes. For the wide-ranged assignments, we provided an integrated consulting service to best shape the brand.

The coastline of the Setouchi Inland Sea, viewed from the hotel, is the scenery that lives up to the acclaim of the everlasting beauty. The logomark is our abstract interpretation of the coastline that symbolises the hotel and its accommodation experience.

We regard this hotel as the combination of modern architecture and contemporary art that has its roots in the surrounding nature, sceneries and culture. With this idea in mind, we drew the whole design work to project the integrated aesthetics that pair quality with tranquility.

“Setouchi Retreat Aonagi” is a branding project for the hotel guests to indulge in the experience of staying at “the Ando architecture nested in the nature of Setouchi.”


安藤忠雄氏設計による贅沢な客室は、全7室。ゲスト限定の広々とした屋外・屋内プール、ジャグジー、サウナ。 ゲストの心身を癒す、ホテルスパ「ALL THAT SPA SETOUCHI」での国産植物の天然成分を使用したトリートメント。隣接する名門ゴルフ場「エリエールゴルフクラブ松山」。充実した施設とサービスは幅広い用途でご利用いただけます。






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