creative & art direction, web design, graphic design

credit :
creative direction: shun kawakami, artless Inc.
graphic design: koyuki inagaki, artless Inc.
assistant design: kanako ueno, noey nitipon, artless Inc.
project management: ken aoki, artless Inc.
web programming: adrien dufond, manmaru Inc.

We, artless Inc., had the pleasure of designing the renewed website for an architecture label “Intentionallies.”

Known for works such as “amadana” “CLASKA” and “Stellar Works,” Intentionallies is an architecture label with a wide scope of capabilities ranging from product design, interior design to high-rise buildings.

It is a label with constant exploration for new challenges, within their sophisticated outputs. Our design initiated with an idea of having a website that can only represent Intentionallies. On top of conventional way of displaying works with its titles and image thumbnails, we created their own filtering tool called ’tags’, which was inspired from ‘design codes’ that Intentionallies create for each project. Not just the names of clients or buildings, we utilised the very own words from Intentionallies and made them into the central design element of the website. The design is made bold and daring, yet minimal and professional, to represent an architecture label that has a history of more than 20 years.

We greatly appreciate this opportunity with Intentionallies, in which we were able to demonstrate a new system of portfolio design, where viewers are able to look back through the past works, while looking forward to the upcoming ones.

artless Inc.は、鄭秀和氏が率いる建築レーベル “Intentionallies” のWEBデザインを担当しました。

代表作 “amadana” “CLASKA” “Stellar Works”などで知られるIntentionalliesは、プロダクトからインテリア、超高層ビルまで手がける建築レーベルです。

洗練されたアウトプットの中に、常に新しい挑戦を探求し続ける Intentionallies。Intentionallies だからこそできる、新しいポートフォリオサイトの仕組みを考えたWEBデザインです。従来のポートフォリオサイトに見るような、画像、プロジェクトタイトルの一覧に加え、閲覧モード「タグ」を追加しました。Intentionalliesが設計時に、各プロジェクトに設ける「デザインコード」から着想を得た、独自の方法でプロジェクトをフィルタリングできる仕組みです。クライアント名や建物名とは異なる、Intentionallies自身の言葉をデザインの大きな要素とし、大胆でありながらも、設立から20年以上経つ建築レーベルに合うような、ミニマルで、プロフェッショナルな空気感を大事にしました。