video & motion graphics

direction for UZUMASA EDO SAKABA

September 30, 2016

UZUMASA EDO SAKABA / movie and space installation 
produce + artist curation + art direction

creative direction and produce: artless Inc.
art direction and design: shun kawakami + kazuki kaneko, artless Inc.

flower art: takayuki tanaka, united flowers
motion graphics: EDP graphic works
photography: yuu kawakami, artless Inc.

suibokuga: shoh yoshida
calligraphy: yuuna okanishi
sound design: JEMAPUR
ceramic art: hirotsugu ogawa
agency: ryo kagami, dentsu Inc. + takuhei matsuura, secai Inc.

client: Toei Company, ltd.

Uzumasa Edo Sakaba: Bakumatsu Summer Festival is a summer nights festival held in Uzumasa’s Toei Kyoto Studio Park,
where guests can enjoy Kyoto’s traditional performances while tasting local sake and foods; all in a meticulously crafted Edo period setting.In commemoration of the 300th anniversary of the birth of Ito Jakuchu, we produced, curated, and art directed an installation and motion graphic piece based on the theme of Jakuchu and flowers.

Tanaka Takayuki, a highly recognised flower artist who is active both in his home country and abroad, was deeply affected by Jakuchu’s works and had been creating flower art as an homage to the esteemed artist. The photographs that he took of his artworks as a record of his artistic journey, were used to create the motion graphic piece.The motion graphic was created by EDP graphic works; a studio based in Shibuya, Daikanyama and Fukuoka, that has created various films and motion graphic works for television shows and commercials.The Suibokuga(Japanese ink painting) featured in the opening of the video was created by Syoh Yoshida, a Kyoto based artist whose artwork had been featured in many galleries in Japan and overseas, including an exhibition in New York. The title was done by award winning calligrapher Yuuna Okanishi. The music was composed by JEMAPUR, a musician who has been at the forefront of the electronic music scene, and rakuyaki-ware artist Hirotsugu Ogawa created the rakuyaki flower vase that works in synergy with the motion graphic to create the singular atmosphere of the space.

In collaborating with eclectic artists and creators from various fields, we were able to create a space that invokes Jakuchu and the uniquely Japanese notions of ‘wabi-sabi’ as filtered through a modern lens.

京都・太秦にある東映映画村にて開催された、「幕末」をテーマに京都の伝統芸能、地酒・食事が楽しめるイベント「太秦 江戸酒場 ~幕末・夏祭り~」。伊藤若冲の生誕300年を記念して、「若冲と華」をコンセプトとした映像および空間インスタレーションを開催し、artlessはプロデュース、キュレーションおよびアートディレクションを行いました。

国内外を問わず、空間装飾から広告、アートプロジェクトまで多岐に渡り活躍しているフラワーアーティスト・田中孝幸が、若冲の作品に感銘を受け、彼へのオマージュとしてフラワーアートを制作し、撮りためてきた写真を映像作品へと昇華させています。映像デザインは、渋谷、代官山、福岡を拠点に、TV&映画のオープニングタイトルやコマーシャルムービーを中心に、さまざまなモーショングラフィック作品を世に送り出しているEDP graphic works が担当。また、オープニングの水墨画はNYで作品展示を行うなど海外でも活躍している吉田翔、題字は国内外で数多くの賞を受賞している書道家の岡西佑奈。


















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