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December 01, 2010

artless Inc. | website A/W

credit :
art direction and design : shun kawakami
interactive design : manmaru paris
motion design : edp graphic works
sound : noiselessly (artless records)

concept of design :
black and white, ma, grid system, typography, sense of japan…


ibuki kougei sha

September 28, 2010

息吹工藝社 ibuki-kohgei sha

credit :
creative and art direction : artless Inc.
design : kotenhits
flash development : attractors


giuliano fujiwara

September 21, 2010

giuliano Fujiwara
(Logo, Stationaly, Website)

art direction and design : shun kawakami (artless)
flash development : kenshi nishizuka (RHYTHN)
sound design : gaku sato


artless records™

September 18, 2010

artless records™

‘artless records’ is a new music label established by artless Inc.
The label aims to find new possibilities for music with art and design.



August 04, 2010


art direction: shun kawakami (artless)
project management, flash development, programing: artcode inc.
design: kotenhits + ryo sugi (artless)

agency: openers
client: yagitsusho limited.

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