JOAN GROUP : company & brand website (Taipei, Taiwan)

May 30, 2012

JOAN GROUP (Taipei, Taiwan) :
company & brand website (JOAN, DITA, abito)

credits :
creative direction : JL Design Inc. (Taipei, Taiwan)
art direction & design : artless Inc.

art direction : shun kawakami (artless)
design : ryo sugi (artless tokyo)
flash development : mitsuaki ushijima (attractors)
html development : syoh yoshida (artless kyoto) & JL Design Inc.

client : JO-AN Garment Co,Ltd. (Taipei, Taiwan)
agency: JL Design Inc. (Taipei, Taiwan)


hokke saburo : the yamatoden tradition

May 16, 2012

hokke saburo :
the yamatoden tradition

[artist website]

credit :
art direction and design : shun kawakami (artless Inc.)
photography : ichigo sugawara
design assistant : kouji abe (insense)
development : karappo

keyword of design : documentary / eclectic design / html for ipad
typeface : Didot + Akzidentz Grotesk + Kozuka Mincho


artless records™

April 26, 2012

artless records™

‘artless records’ is a new music label established by artless Inc.
The label aims to find new possibilities for music with art and design.


giuliano Fujiwara | website 2012

February 24, 2012

giuliano Fujiwara | website 2012

art direction : shun kawakami (artless)
design: ryo sugi (artless tokyo)
development : yoshiaki fujimori (grandbase)

client : Breeze giuliano Fujiwara Inc.


STUDIO APARTMENT : official website

February 23, 2012

official website

art direction & design by shun kawakami(artless)
development: Panoptes

produce: soundgraphics Inc.
client: New World Records

Studio Apartment is the dance music duo of Japanese DJ Masanori Morita and keyboard player Noboru Abe. The two have produced numerous singles that have featured various singers and been compiled into a series of albums. World Line was released in December 2005, followed by People to People in March 2006 and Museum Euterpe in September 2006. For Her for Him for You, released in July 2007, featured Blaze, Monique Bingham, Kimara Lovelace, Ron Carroll, Deborah Bond, and AK. The Rising Sun, issued by King Street Sounds/Nite Grooves in June 2008, featured many of the same performers, along with Joi Cardwell, Akiko, Stephanie Cooke, Terrance Downs, and Kenny Bobien.

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