brand design for hotel risveglio akasaka

hotel risveglio akasaka
branding + sign design + art

credit :
creative direction: artless Inc.
planning, art direction: shun kawakami, artless Inc.

project management: satoko tanaka, artless Inc.

design: koyuki inagaki, artless Inc.
photographer: yuu kawakami
interior design: SEKI FURNITURE Co.,Ltd.
client: Atrium Co.,Ltd. + Green Hospitality Management Co.,Ltd.

In this project, our task was to create a brand identity for “Hotel Risveglio Aksaka,” a hotel that was newly opening in Akasaka, Tokyo, Japan, in December 2015. Mainly targeting business travellers, the project initially started off as a simple and straight-forward hotel. We tried to steer the hotel into a chic yet playful space filled with design ideas and details, that guests are able to experience as small discoveries during their stay.

solution & cultural context

The name of the hotel, ‘Risveglio,’ meaning ‘awakening’ in Italian, is the very concept the identity stands for. Implying the ‘awakening state’, we created a logo made of unfinished letters, and a complete set of alphabets. The custom typeface which we call ‘Risveglio’, is used throughout the identity on collaterals, signages and so on.
The incompletion suggests growth, possibility and unexpectedness – through this identity we aim to awaken the guests’ senses.

brand history

As a newly opening hotel then, we had the opportunity to create the brand from scratch. Given that the location is known as a hub for corporate travellers, we worked on a branding that is matured yet approachable, targeted mainly towards working young adults.

2015年12月、東京 / 赤坂にオープンしたデザインホテル 「Hotel Resveglio Akasaka」のブランディングを行いました。





04 hotel-risveglio_entrance_1

04 hotel-risveglio_entrance_2

05 hotel-risveglio_door-sign_1

05 hotel-risveglio_door-sign_2

06 hotel-risveglio_corridor

07 hotel-risveglio_room-number

08 hotel-risveglio_weather-report1

08 hotel-risveglio_weather-report2

09 hotel-risveglio_mural

10 hotel-risveglio_stationery-set

11 hotel-risveglio_namecard

12 hotel-risveglio_envelope1

12 hotel-risveglio_envelope2

13 hotel-risveglio_letter

14 hotel-risveglio_flyer

15 hotel-risveglio_pen

16 hotel-risveglio_soap1

16 hotel-risveglio_soap2

17 hotel-risveglio_towel

18 hotel-risveglio_nightwear

19 hotel-risveglio_tea1

19 hotel-risveglio_tea2

20 hotel-risveglio_cushion

21 hotel-risveglio_door-magnet

22 hotel-risveglio_japanese-handkies1

22 hotel-risveglio_japanese-handkies2