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brand design for hotel koe tokyo

March 22, 2018

hotel koe tokyo
brand design


credit :

creative direction, architecture & interior design: SUPPOSE DESIGN OFFICE
branding: artless Inc.
creative direction & art direction: shun kawakami, artless Inc.
art direction & design: kazuki kaneko, artless Inc.
design: shinsaku iwatachi, ryo akao, artless Inc.
project management: ken aoki, asami kinoshita, artless Inc.
concept copy: arata sasaki, HITSFAMILY
opywriting: satoko tanaka, artless Inc.
website direction, design: hiroka hasegawa, H Inc.
web development: adrien dufond, manmaru Inc.
cms development: maboroshi Inc.
photography: yuu kawakami
food direction: satoshi kakegawa, Ata daikanyama
hotel amenity & souvenir item direction: george amano, GCC

We were in charge of branding and art direction for “hotel koe tokyo”, which opened its doors in February 2018 in the center of Shibuya, one of Tokyo’s liveliest and busiest neighborhoods. We worked in close collaboration with SUPPOSE DESIGN OFFICE, the creative director, architect, and interior designer of the hotel.

As the branding director, we were tasked with comprehensive design direction and consultancy for a multitude of items and outputs across various design disciplines. Starting with creating the logo and building the visual identity, we created graphic design elements including amenities and menus, digital media such as the website and promotional materials, as well as the way-finding system and signages that compliment the space, and even had a hand in writing the brand concept.

“hotel koe tokyo” is a hotel complex in Shibuya, Tokyo created by lifestyle brand “koe”, which we were also in charge of branding. Focusing on the core ideas; stay, fashion, and music & food; the space embodies the brand’s concept “new basic for new culture”.

With a global perspective that incorporates the hotel’s concept “now & future”, and “Japan & the world”; our approach was to synthesize traditional Japanese elements with the modern sensibility of Shibuya, to create designs that pave a way for a new culture. In creating the color, layout, and material schemes, we were inspired by the Japanese notion of “wabi-sabi” inherent in the “chashitsu (Japanese tea room)” design concept of the guest rooms. Through careful implementation of these core concepts, we were able to create designs that are modern with a delicate and refined essence.

Open to all, we hope you visit and experience the new Shibuya landmark that is “hotel doe tokyo”.


■ hotel koe tokyo
3-7 Udagawacho, Shibuya, Tokyo 150-0042


この度artless Inc.は今年2月、東京・渋谷にオープンした「hotel koe tokyo」において、クリエイティブディレクション・建築インテリアデザインを担当したSUPPOSE DESIGNOFFICEと共に、ブランディング及びアートディレクションを担当いたしました。


「hotel koe tokyo」は、同じくartless Inc.がブランディングを手がけるライフスタイルブランド「koe」が、ステイ・ファッション・ミュージック&フードを軸に、ブランドコンセプトである「new basic for new culture」を体現する場として渋谷にオープンした複合施設です。

artless Inc.は、ホテルのコンセプトである「今」と「未来」、そして「日本」と「世界」を見据えたグローバルな視点をもとに、日本の伝統的な要素と文化の発信地・渋谷を象徴する現代的な感覚をかけ合わせ、新しい文化につながるデザインを表現いたしました。ゲストルームのデザインコンセプトである「茶室」につながる「侘び寂び」の概念を意識したカラーリング、構成、素材を取り入れながら、繊細さを秘めたメリハリのある現代的なデザインとなっております。

お近くにお越しの際は、ぜひ「hotel koe tokyo」にお立ち寄り下さいませ。


■ hotel koe tokyo
150-0042 東京都渋谷区宇田川町3-7















branding & identity

packaging design for Satoyama Jujo

January 25, 2018

Satoyama Jujo
packaging design

credit :
creative & art direction: shun kawakami, artless Inc.
photography: yuu kawakami, artless Inc.
graphic design: koyuki inagaki, artless Inc.
assistant design: hitomi yasuda, artless Inc.
project management: asami kinoshita, artless Inc.

We were in charge of packaging design for binned products, produced by Satoyama Jujo, a lifestyle inn located in Niigata prefecture, Japan.

Satoyama Jujo is one of the two hotels in Japan that has been selected by Design Hotels. The building was originally an old Japanese folk house aged 150 years old, renovated and redesigned by Toru Iwasa – founder of lifestyle magazine “Jiyujin.” Designer furnitures exampled by Scandinavian furnitures, breathe in new attractiveness to the traditional charms of the folk house, creating a comfortable harmony.

The design initiated from thinking how Satoyama Jujo enables to translate traditional context into modern-day sensibilities. By blending Japanese elements, such as map and vertical texts, with English copywriting, we attempted to achieve a design with universal appeal, for audience from both outside and inside of Japan. Minimal and elegant design for authenticity, while the dynamically laid out hand-written font plays a role as a pattern, as well as an expression for Satoyama Jujo’s handmade charms.

artless Inc.は、新潟県に位置する宿泊施設「里山十帖」の食品パッケージのデザインを担当しました。

ライフスタイル雑誌「自遊人」創刊者、岩佐十良氏プロデュース及び運営、古民家をリノベーションして建てられたこの施設は、日本では2つしか選出されていないDesign Hotelsのひとつでもあります。北欧家具をはじめとするデザイナーズ家具たちが、築後約150年、総欅づくり、総漆塗りの空間に活き、心地よい空間を生み出しています。











branding & identity

branding + visual identity for Phaédo

December 18, 2017

branding + visual identity

– art direction
– graphic design
– logo & visual identity
– v.i. guidelines
– photography
– videography
– website design


credit :
brand director: zhu zhu, Phaédo

art direction & creative direction: shun kawakami, artless Inc.
photography & videography: alexander hugh mitchell
sound design: hiroki saitoh
video edit: yuichi maruno, glmv
programming: adrien dufond
graphic design: koyuki inagaki, artless Inc.
project management: satoko tanaka, ken aoki, artless Inc.

‘Phaédo’ is a fashion brand in Hangzhou, China, led by the first Chinese graduate from Antwerp Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Zhu Zhu.

The brand’s logo was developed carefully for over a year, with each letter tailored to carry out the brand’s concept. With the identity we developed, Phaédo has made its debut in Milano Fashion Week in February 2017. Phaédo, with their debut collection, has showcased its philosophical and aesthetic values that weigh importance on timelessness, unadorness and wabi-sabi.

artless Inc. had an opportuninty to develop their branding through logo design, web design, directing photography, videography and sound design. The photoshoot was carried out at a ruin that stands deep inside Hangzhou, China. Phaédo’s works were taken with focuses on the rustic textures of the site, as well as the nature. Web design features sound design that symbolises the passage of four seasons. Though minimal, the website assembles craftsmanship of different expertises, representing the ethos of Phaédo.

With deep understanding and resonance with the brand’s philosophy, we crafted the branding to its every details, believing that would be an identity Phaédo is able to stand for.

アントワープ王立芸術アカデミーでファッションデザインを学んだデザイナー・Zhu Zhuをディレクターに迎え入れた、中国のファッションブランド「Phaédo」のブランディングを手掛けました。

初回提案から約1年をかけ、1文字ずつテイラーしデザインされたロゴと共に、「Phaédo」は、2017年2月、Milano Fashion Weekで初のコレクションを発表しました。時代に左右されない、タイムレスなデザインでありながら「侘び寂び」の理念を大事にした詩的な世界観で、異彩を放ちました。

artless Inc.はロゴをはじめ、フォトグラフィー、ビデオグラフィー、サウンドデザイン、ウェブサイトまでトータルなブランドアイデンティティの構築を行いました。撮影には杭州の山奥に佇む廃墟を利用し、時の経過を感じる自然物や建築物の一部にフォーカスをあてながら作品を撮影し、Phaédoの世界観を表現しました。ウェブ・デザインには四季を表現するサウンドを起用し、ミニマルでありながら記憶に残るPhaédoというブランドを象徴するウェブサイトとなっています。撮影に使用した建設物は、インテリアスタイリスト・コレクターであるAxel Vervoordt氏を招き、ショールームとしてのオープンを予定しています。
















DFA Design for Asia Awards 2017 Merit Award

November 27, 2017

artless craft tea & coffee
identity + branding + interior design




artless Inc. is proud to announce that our branding project for artless craft tea and coffee was honored with the Merit Award from DFA Design for Asia Awards 2017, one of the most coveted design awards in Asia.

The DFA Awards is an internationally recognized program launched in 2003 by the Hong Kong Design Centre with the aim of cementing Hong Kong’s role as the epicenter of design in Asia. With a focus on the ever-expanding design industry in Asia, the DFA Award recognizes and celebrates exemplary designs with an Asian perspective. With over a thousand entries from more than 23 countries across the globe, the DFA Awards has a strong international influence in Asia. The awards ceremony will take place on December 6th in Hong Kong, and the winning works will be exhibited during “IDFA Awards Exhibition at DesignInspire” at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre for three days from December 7th to the 9th.

The Japanese concepts of “wabi-sabi” and “incomplete beauty”, originating from the “sado (tea ceremony)” culture are hard to come by in daily life. artless craft tea & coffee is a tea and coffee stand with the design concept “chashitsu (tea room)”, where the notions of “sado” is expressed through a modern sensibility.

Created and managed by creative agency artless Inc., every aspect of the shop, including spatial design, product design, and graphic design, as well as menu development, is infused with notions inherent in “sado” and expressed through a modern vocabulary to create a “chashitsu” that synthesizes tradition with modernity.

As part of the mission to turn the space into a cultural hub, the shop also includes an art gallery where up-and-coming artists can exhibit their work. The space functions as a place where like-minded creatives can meet and share ideas.

As a space that expresses traditional Japanese culture through a modern aesthetic, the shop has become popular with inbound visitors from around the world, as well as young people who are interested in traditional culture.


■ artless craft tea & coffee
nakame gallery street J2
2-45-12, kami-meguro, meguro-ku, tokyo 153-0051 japan
tel. 03-6434-1345
opening hours/11:00~20:00 ※open daily except otherwise noticed

artless Inc.がトータルプロデュースと運営を行う artless craft tea & coffeeが、香港の権威あるデザイン賞「アジアデザイン賞 / DFA Designs for Asia Awards 2017」の「優秀賞 / Merit Award」を受賞しました。

DFA Design For Asia Awards 2017
AWARD : Merit Award
PROJECT NAME : artless craft tea & coffee – Identity & Branding

アジアデザイン賞(DFA)は、香港をアジアのデザイン拠点として位置づけるべく、2003年に香港デザインセンターの主催によって開始された世界的なデザイン賞で、毎年世界23カ国以上、1000件以上のエントリーのある国際的なアワードです。本年度は2017年12月6日に香港で授賞式が行われ、12/7~9の3日間 Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centreにて開催される「IDFA Awards Exhibition at DesignInspire」にて受賞作品の展示が予定されています。

茶道の「侘び寂び」そして「未完の美」という日本独自の美意識をベースに現代的なデザイン表現を行った artless craft tea & coffee は、空間デザインのコンセプトを「現代の茶室」とし、茶道においてと同様に空間・プロダクト・グラフィックなど細部へのこだわりと配慮を大切にしています。また店内奥には、文化の拠点として新たな価値やコミュニケーションが生まれる場所としてアポイントメント制ギャラリーを併設。現代的な美意識と伝統的な日本文化を表現する空間として、世界中の旅行客や伝統文化に興味を持つ若者が日々多く訪れています。

お近くにお越しの際は、ぜひ artless craft tea & coffee にお立ち寄り下さい。


■ artless craft tea & coffee
東京都目黒区上目黒 2-45-12 nakame gallery street J2(85)
tel. 03-6434-1345
営業時間/11:00~20:00 不定休


credit :
planning, art direction, graphic & interior design, artwork: shun kawakami, artless Inc.
construction & design: kogazo architects
graphic & web design: shinsaku iwatachi, artless Inc.
web programming: adrien dufond, artless interactive
photography: yuu kawakam, artless Inc.

artless craft_1

artless craft_2

artless craft_3

artless craft_4

artless craft_5

artless craft_6

artless craft_7

artless craft_8


branding for The Tokyo Restaurant.

August 28, 2017

The Tokyo Restaurant.

credit :
vi design by artless Inc.
commissioned by Plan・Do・See Inc.

creative & art direction: shun kawakami, artless Inc.
graphic design: koyuki inagaki, artless Inc.
product photography: yuu kawakami, artless Inc.
interior design: Hirsch Bedner Associates

Located in the hustle and bustle of the city centre in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, “The Tokyo Restaurant.” is a Japanese restaurant & bar in ISETAN THE JAPAN STORE, produced by Plan・Do・See, Inc. We, artless Inc., was given an opportunity to carry out branding & visual identity for the restaurant.

Our branding span across a wide range of media from logo design to stationeries, menu, sign design and copywriting. The key concept for the visual identity is “marriage of authenticity and light-heartedness.” Classic typefaces were chosen to create an authentic atmosphere for the brand, while the abstracted monogram adds a contemporary, approachable look.

We have created an extensive corporate identity guideilne in order to ensure the correct delivery of the brand’s tone and manner by local designers. The corporate identity guideline includes: the usage of logos and its versions, examples of typeface usages, direction for photographys and copywriting.

The Tokyo Restaurant. is suited for various occasions whether your visit is with family, friends or as a couple. The brand design sets the restaurant down-to-earth, while not compromising on the sophisticated mood. We believe that, with our own Japanese sense of aesthetics, we were able to express the sophisticated, contemporary atmosphere for the audience in Kuala Lumpur.

2017年2月、マレーシア・クアラルンプール中心部に位置するISETAN THE JAPAN STORE内にオープンした、レストラン&バー「THE TOKYO RESTAURANT.」のブランディング&V.I.を担当しました。


現地のデザイナーの手に渡った後も、THE TOKYO RESTAURANT.の空気感が的確に表現され続けるように、ブランドガイドラインには、ロゴのバリエーション、使用ルール、タイプフェイスの文字組例、写真撮影のディレクション、コピーライティングのトーン&マナーを含めています。

家族、友人、恋人となど、様々なシーンに対応するオールデイダイニングでありながら、上品さを兼ね合わせた 「THE TOKYO RESTAURANT. 」。日本の感性を通しながら、ローカルなオーディエンスに受け入れられる、コンテンポラリーなアウトプットを意識したブランディング・プロジェクトです。















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