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artless | creative and branding agency

October 12, 2015

“artless” is a an independently owned global creative and branding agency, based in Tokyo and Kyoto, Japan. Founded by Shun Kawakami in 2001. We are focusing on the art & design based advertising and branding projects, and we are operating in the global marketplace.

our activities are in the art, design, typography, digital applications, product, interior and architecture.

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“artless” was founded by Shun Kawakami in 2001. Our activities are in the visual communication and the language of design: Branding & design consulting, logo & identity, graphic, web, user interface, video, motion graphics, product, installation, interior, sign design and architecture.

We form a creative team in accordance with each new project. Our collective brings a new perspective to all projects from our global network. The team includes creative directors, art directors, graphic designers, interactive designers, architects, interior designers, product designers, photographers, fashion stylists, hair and make up artists, musicians, composers, painters, calligraphers, flower designers, chef and food directors.

We don’t differentiate between art, design, architecture, digital and other forms of communication. A diverse challenge extends across different disciplines, providing us with an experience that broadens our point of view.

We are based in Tokyo and Kyoto,
but always operate globally.

shun kawakami,

“artless”は、 東京を拠点にグローバルに活動するクリエイティブ・エージェンシーです。アートやデザインの視点からの「デザイン思考」と、アナリシス・ストラテジー・マーケティング等の「ビジネス思考」を組み合わせ、ブランディングやデザインコンサルティングを行います。活動領域は、多岐にわたり、企業やブランドのロゴ・アイデンティティ、広告・キャンペーン、グラフィック、ウェブ、タイポグラフィ、APPS、UI、映像、モーショングラフィック、インスタレーション、エキシビション、空間演出、サインデザイン、インテリア、そして、建築に至るまで、多様な専門知識や経験を持つスペシャリストと共に、ジャンルやカテゴリーに縛られない活動を続けています。

“artless”は、独自の国際的ネットワークを築き、このグローバル・コレクティブ(artless collective™)には、クリエイティブ/アート/デザイン/映像等のディレクター。建築家やグラフィック/インタラクティブ/インテリア/プロダクト等のデザイナー。ウェブ/プログラミング/インスタレーション等のテクノロジスト。フォトグラファー、スタイリスト、ヘアメイク、そして、音楽家、画家、書家、華道家、フラワーアーティスト、料理家、シェフ、ソムリエ、フードスタイリスト等の多様なアーティストまで、様々なメンバーがリストアップされています。


そのジャンルに縛られない横断的な活動は、カンヌ国際広告祭(金賞)、NY ADC: Young Guns、NY TDC、The One Show、D&AD、Webby Award、London International Award、iF design award、DFAA (Hong Kong)、Tokyo TDC、グッドデザイン賞、Tokyo Interactive Ad Awardの受賞等、国際的評価を受けています。


member :
The Art Directors Club (New York, US)
ADC Young Guns ® (New York, US)
D&AD (London, UK)
Japan Graphic Designers Association / JAGDA (Tokyo, Japan)

corporate information

artless Inc.
株式会社 artless

founder and ceo
Shun Kawakami

stock information
10,000,000 JPY

year of establishment

shibuya property tower 13F,
1-32-12 higashi,
tokyo 150-0011,


& design consulting

analysis / strategy / marketing

architecture / interior / product / signage
installation art / exhibition / artist curation

art direction & design
corporate identity / brand logo / typography
graphic / web / interactive / U.I.
photo / film / motion graphic / video





* about us (company Information)

Team of artless Inc. (tokyo, japan)

October 12, 2015

"thinking something new and different." at artless studio, tokyo, japan (2015) from shun kawakami on Vimeo.

video by Alexander Mitchell
music/bgm by Jemapur

creative direction & art direction (founder)

image-shunShun Kawakami (JP/EN)
art director / artist

facebook / twitter / pinterest / instagram / wikipedia


image-naoNao Nozawa (JP/EN)
chief designer

image-kazukiKazuki Kaneko (JP/EN)
/ graphic and web

image-koyukiKoyuki Inagaki (EN/JP/Malay)
/ graphic

interactive design & programming

image-adrienAdrien Dufond (FR/EN/JP)
artless interactive™ – www.artless-interactive.com
manmaru, Inc. – www.manmaru.fr

video direction & photography

Alexander Mitchell (EN/FR)
video director / photographer / artist

project & design management

image-satokoSatoko Tanaka (JP/EN)
project and design manager, pr


PR & artist management
W tokyp
is FEMME + supersonic, creator and pr management company.

global partners

artless collective™ : www.artless-collective.com
partner companies & collaborators from our global network

AODJ Ambassador of Design, Japan. (NPO) : www.aodj.org
Non profit organization in Japan. AODJ strive to connect, inspire and elevate creative professionals in the world.


internship designers

Stefano Cometta (GE/EN/IT/SP/FR) – swiss
Aoi Fujikawa (JP/EN) – japanese
Alice Tosey (EN/IT) – british
Karolina Pöll (SP/EN/GE) – mexican
Miikka Toiviainen (EN/FIN/JP) – finn
Leonie Aiko (GE/EN) – german


Modern Kyoto Ceramic 2015 + RIMPA

October 07, 2015

Modern Kyoto Ceramic 2015 + RIMPA:
「京・焼・今・展 2015」
11/1, 2, 3 (10:00-16:30) 
@ 両足院/京都 Ryosokuin, Kyoto

(logo, naming, exhibition design, sign design, graphic & web design, programming)

credit :
creative direction: artless Inc.
planning, art direction: shun kawakami, artless Inc.

graphic design: nao nozawa, artless Inc.
web design: koyuki inagaki, artless Inc.
programming: adrien dufond, manmaru, Inc.

curator: aiko shimizu + toryo ito
producer: ryo kagami, teppei shinabe
photographer: kaoru kuwajima

artist: junpei omori, maryu sugita, yusuke matsubayashi, shinya taniguchi, takao kano, hirotsugu ogawa

“Modern Kyoto Ceramic 2015″ is an experimental space created for the pursuit of the pottery symbolizes the age we live in ‘now’. By pursuing “now” in each era, artisans of Kyoto pottery has created signature pottery works of the time throughout its history. This exhibition inherits that tradition, and in bringing contemporary Kyoto potters together allows us to collectively and in the spirit of friendly competition, explore the current state of pottery in Kyoto.  
Kyoto Art Now takes a different theme every year. The theme for this year is the Rinpa school. While respecting the Rinpa genealogy, we also want to discover the expression and individual interpretation which is authentic to Kyoto pottery. We hope that in future, these contemporary interpretations and expressions will be rediscovered, forming another page in the genealogy of Kyoto pottery.

本展は“いま”という時代を象徴するやきものを探求する実験的な場です。 京焼には、その時々の“いま”を精一杯追求することで、時代を代表するやきものをうみだしてきた歴史があります。本展では、その伝統を受け継ぎ、出品作家が切瑳琢磨する事で、やきものの“いま”を切り開いていきます。
毎年異なるテーマにチャレンジする本展、今年のテーマは琳派です。琳派の系譜を学びつつも、京焼らしく個々の解釈と表現に可能性を見いだします。 “いま”という時代の解釈、表現がまた後の時代に再発見され、系譜の一頁へとつなげられることを願って。


facebook page:



branding & identity

brand consulting for B&B ITALIA JAPAN: teaser site design

October 01, 2015

brand consulting for B&B ITALIA JAPAN
(planning, art direction & design)

credit :
creative direction: artless Inc.
planning, art direction: shun kawakami, artless Inc.

project management: satoko tanaka, artless Inc.

design: kazuki kaneko, artless Inc.

Teaser site from italian furniture brand, B&B ITALIA JAPAN. We’re conducting a design consultation for B&B ITALIA JAPAN starts with a new management company. Is is opened teaser site announcing a new showroom will open in Gaienmae, Tokyo.

「B&B ITALIA」「MAXALTO」を展開する「B&B ITALIA JAPAN」のティザーサイト。 運営主体が変わり、新たにスタートする「B&B ITALIA JAPAN」のデザインコンサルティング。第1弾として、外苑前に新規オープンするショールームのご案内を兼ねた、ティザーサイトを制作いたしました。



* philosophy of artless Inc.

business & design research for branding

July 17, 2015

business & design research for branding :

1. Analytics : PPM, 3C, 5 forces, value chain
2. Brand positioning
3. Marketing
4. Business cycle
5. LTV : Life Time Value*

* art + design + business

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