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EN :

artless Inc. is an independently owned global branding agency integrating design and business, based in tokyo, osaka and kyoto, founded by shun kawakami in 2001.

our activities are based in visual communication and the language of design; art and design, branding and consulting, architecture and interior, graphics and identity, typography and signage, fashion and music, web and digital experience, advertising and communications.

we don’t differentiate between art, design, architecture, digital and other forms of communication — we embrace it. diverse challenges that extend across multiple disciplines provides us with an experience that allows us to broaden our perspective.

our philosophy is rooted in the Japanese sense of beauty, infused with contemporary creativity aiming to make a difference.

shun kawakami,
founder of artless Inc.

JP :

“artless Inc.” は、 東京と京都を拠点とし、2020 年より新たに大阪にもブランチを構え、アジア、ヨーロッパ、アメリカなど、グローバルに活動するブランディング・エージェンシーです。

アート:デザイン:ビジネス、そして、グローバル:ローカルという 5 つの視点を軸に、ストラテジーフェーズから、グラフィックおよび建築空間まで、すべてのデザイン領域における包括的なアートディレクションとデザインを行い、日/英/中のトリリンガルによる独自のグローバル・ブランディングを行っています。


また、独自のクリエイティブネットワークを築き、グローバル・コレクティブ「artless collective™」 では、国際的に活躍する多様なジャンルのスペシャリストややアーティストがリストアップされ、企業や組織の垣根を超え、各プロジェクトのニーズに応じた最適なキュレーションをしプロジェクトを進行しています。

“artless Inc.”は、日本独自の美意識を基軸に、アートやデザインを「ヴィジュアル・ランゲージ」と捉え、国境や言語を越え、フィロソフィーやヴィジョンといった目には見えない概念を表現する「ヴィジュアル・コミュニケーション」の姿勢を軸に活動しています。

shun kawakami,
founder of artless Inc. / branding director / artist

corporate information
artless Inc. / 株式会社 artless
founder & ceo
Shun Kawakami
stock information
10,000,000 jpy
staff 22
year of establishment 2001

head office
東京  tokyo
nakame gallery street J2+J3
2-45-12 kami-meguro meguro-ku

tokyo 153-0051 japan

大阪  osaka ( coming soon )
kita-ku osaka 530-0011 japan

京都  kyoto
gojo place 9f,  107-3 ebisucho shimogyo-ku
kyoto 600-8302 japan

Brand Strategy
Research and Insights
Brand architecture
Brand positioning
Naming and Brand concept
Communication and Design strategy
Content and Digital strategy

Brand Design
Visual identity
Verbal identity
Brand atmosphere
Image language
Illustration language
UX/UI design
Motion design
Sound identity

Brand Communication &
Brand Experience

Creative direction
Art direction
Architectural design
Interior design
Graphic design
Sign design
Digital product design
Application design

team of artless Inc.

December 2019 :
languages : trilingual ( japanese + english + chinese )
staff : 23 members

1 creative director & art director ( founder )
4 project managers
1 programmer
1 photographer
1 stylist
2 baristas

founder :
shun kawakami (jp/en)
branding & consulting + creative direction & art direction

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art direction & design :

project management :

interactive design & programming :

photography :

styling :

barista :

founder :
shun kawakami (jp/en)

art direction & design : 
kazuki kaneko (jp/en)
nao nozawa (jp/en)
shinsaku iwatachi (jp/en)
thomas zimmerman (en/jp)
ryo akao (jp)
shien ayako (jp)
kanako ueno (jp)
yafa koseko (ch/en/jp)
qiwen cao (ch/jp)
aori nagai (jp/fr)
hsieh yin (ch/en)
misato taniguchi (jp)

architectural design :
ken aoki (jp/en)

project management :
asami kinoshita (jp/en)
moeko tamakawa (jp/en)
jun kohmura (jp/en)
mimaki hata (jp)

interactive design & programming :
adrien dufond (fr/en/jp)

photography :
yuu kawakami (jp)

stylist :
miho kawakami (jp/en)

barista for artless craft tea & coffee:
kazu watanabe
yuichi onouchi (jp/en)

global partners 
artless collective™ : www.artless-collective.com
partner companies & collaborators from our global network
designart tokyo www.designart.jp
new design & art festival in Tokyo, Japan, established in 2017.
aodj : ambassador of design, japan. (npo) : www.aodj.org
non profit organization in Japan. AODJ strive to connect, inspire and elevate creative professionals in the world.
w tokyo www.tokyo.co.jp
pr & creator management company

special thanks :
internship designers

cécile brissez (fr/en) – france
chani pouzet (fr/en) – france
jeerapak nitipon (en) – bankok thailand
aoi fujikawa (jp/en) – new york
amaya hagelaar (du/en) – netherlands
stefano cometta (ge/en/it/sp/fr) – swiss
miikka toiviainen (en/fin) – finland
alice tosey (en) – london uk
karolina pöll (sp/en/ge) – mexico
leonie aiko (ge/en/jp) – germany


abysse daikanyama

abysse daikanyama (contemporary seafood gastronomy)
branding + visual identity + total design
(logo + signage + graphic + website + uniform + music)


brand direction, creative direction, art direction, v.i, logo, design: shun kawakami, artless Inc.
interior design: esquisse inc.
music: dj kawasaki
graphic & web design: qiwen cao & kanako ueno, artless Inc.
project management: asami kinoshita, artless Inc.
web programming: adrien dufond, artless Inc.
photography: yuu kawakami, artless Inc.

Contemporary seafood gastronomy “abysse” lead by the young owner-chef Kotaro Meguro was awarded the Michelin 1-star within a year of its opening in March 2015 in Gaienmae, Tokyo. As part of their move to Daikanyama in March 2019, we were in charge of branding as well as holistic art direction and design, encompassing the logo, V.I., graphic design, signage, website, uniforms, and ambient music.

The French word “abysse”, in addition to signifying the depth of the ocean, carries the meaning “of having depth”. In creating the logomark and brand color we drew inspiration from their concept of evoking the oceanic depths and deepness of the flavor of their dishes. In the interior, the use of wood salvaged from the ocean expresses the depth of both the ocean and forest.

The menus styled like letters welcoming guests to their tables are adorned with foil stamps and signed by the chef. In order to design a complete dining experience, we carefully selected the chef uniforms in the open kitchen as well as curating the ambient music to stimulate the senses while creating a serene atmosphere.

The aim of our branding project is to express their reverence for the ocean, forest, and approach to materials, in the hopes of ushering “abysse” into the global stage.

Our work for “abysse” was awarded the “Merit Award” in the branding category of the Hong Kong-based international design competition DFA: Design for Asia Award 2019.


2019年3月、代官山への移転を機に ロゴ や V.I. からグラフィック/サイネージ/ウェブ/ユニホーム/BGM と、包括的なアートディレクションとデザインによるリブランディングを担当しました。「abysse」とは、フランス語「深海」「奥深きもの」という意味があり、その言葉の意から海面から深海までの深さと料理の味わいの奥深さを表現するというコンセプトのもと、シンボルマークやブランドカラーの選定されています。



「abysse」の海と森に敬意を表する哲学や素材へのアプローチを表現し、グローバルステージへと導くためのブランディングとしてデザインを行い、2019年12月、香港で主宰される「DFA : Design for Asia Award 2019」にブランディング部門にて Merit Award 受賞しました。

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2019 –
ADC 98th Annual Awards  (New York, US)
Spatial Design – Bronze prize: artless craft tea & coffee
Branding – Merit: Mist hot spring hotel
DFAA – Design For Asia Award 2019  (Hong Kong)
Branding – abysse daikanyama

2018 –
Red Dot Winner  (Germany)
[Shortlist] QM weather. / Product Design
DFAA – Design For Asia Award 2018 / Bronze Award  (Hong Kong)
MIST Hot Spring Hotel / Brand identity
[best of best] MIST Hot Spring Hotel / Brand identity
[best of best] artless craft tea & coffee / Café
SDA Award 2018 (Japan)
[Gold] MIST Hot Spring Hotel
[Bronze] hotel koé tokyo
Topawards Asia (Japan)
[FOOD | Outstading in Functionality (Theme “LINES”)]
Package Design for Satoyama Jujo -Hot pepper & Miso / Natural Honey/ Butterbur bud & Miso

2017 –
DFAA – Design For Asia Award 2017  (Hong Kong)
hotel kanra kyoto / branding, V.I., Signages
artless craft tea & coffee / branding & interior design
The One Show (New York, US)

2016 –
NY TDC 62 : the Type Directors Club (New York, US)
the TDC Communication Design Competition:
“Certificate of Typographic Excellence”
Hotel Risveglio Akasaka / original typography, Logo, sign system & graphic design

2015 –
The Webby Awards (US)
“The 19th Annual Webby Awards” the Websites: Corporate Communications category.

2014 –
DFAA – Design For Asia Award 2014 (Hong Kong)
[DFA Silver Award] NANAMIYA – brand Logo & package design
[DFA Bronze Award] 10 TEN – Ehime/Mikan
[DFA Award 2013 Merit Winner] huug 001
Singapore Design Award 2014 (Japan)
Satoyama Jujo – artwork

2013 –
The One Show (New York, US)
[GOLD PRIZE] design and paper engineering (Brand Design & Package Design)
The Tokyo Typo Directors Club (Japan)
[Nomination] design and paper engineering (Brand Design & Package Design)
10 TEN – brand Logo & package design
SDA AWARDS 2013 (Japan)
[First Prize] – OBI / Installation by AODJ

2012 –
iF: International Forum Design Hannover (Germany)
“huug – balance of light and shadow -“
[Brand Design & Product Design]
iF: International Forum Design Hannover (Germany)
“huug – balance of light and shadow -“
[Brand Design & Product Design]

2011 –
The 2011 elections to the D&AD Executive Committee. (London)
Print & Packaging Competition :
ISETAN | the stage & show window “bokusho” new year 2011
DDA AWARD – Japan Display Design Award 2011 (Japan)
[Nomination] ISETAN (Honkan & Men’s) : Show Window “boku-sho” 2011
The Tokyo Typo Directors Club (Tokyo TDC) (Japan)
Annual Award 2011
[Nomination] ISSEY MIYAKE INC. / ELTTOBTEP (present package)

2010 –
International Advertising Festival : “GOLD”
(Design Lions)
Corporate or Brand Identity / Broadcast Design & Graphics : Channel 4 ( TV Nelonen – Helsinki, Finland )
Awards 2010 : TV & Cinema Communications
TV Promotions, Stings & Program Junctions
Vuoden Huiput (Finland)
(Best of the Year) : “Shortlist”

2009 –
NY ADC (New York, US)
Young Gun 7 / Judge
NY TDC 55 : the Type Directors Club (New York, US)
Print [Packaging] (New York)
The Tokyo Typo Directors Club (Japan)
Annual Award 2009
JAGDA : Graphic Design in Japan 2009 (Japan)
[Nomination] ISSEY MIYAKE INC. / Package Design

2008 –
ADC Young Guns 6 (New York, US)
Award-winning: The final 50
The One Show Book Design Finaist (New York, US)
London International Awards (UK)
TIAA: Tokyo Interactive AD Award (Japan)
Finaist : GYRE
JCD Design Award 2008 BEST 100 (Japan)
Dual City Sessions 2007 (the Japanese Society of Commercial Space Designers)
DDA AWARD : Display Design Awards 2008 (Japan)
Selected Work / Dual City Sessions 2007 (the Japan Display Design Association)
* Exhibition Design by upsetters architects

2007 – 2001
The ADC 86th Annual Awards (New York, US)
Merit Award
The FWA (UK)
Adobe Motion Award Interactive / grand prize (Japan)
Tokyo Interactive AD Award Finalist, Branding Site (Japan)
Applied Japan Typography (Japan)


JABE Berlin

JABE Berlin

branding + interior design

branding & management: artless Inc.
creative direction & art direction: shun kawakami
interior design: sawada hashimura
graphic design: nao nozawa + shinsaku iwatachi
lighting design: sawada hashimura + NJEBO
photography: TokioKid
client: JABE Berlin


artless Inc. was in charge of branding including coming up with the name, logo design, creating all design outputs, and working with architecture studio Sawada Hashimura for the interior design of the restaurant.

The name JABE, a catchy abbreviation of Japan and Berlin, was chosen to reflect the restaurant’s concept of bringing a slice of Japan to Berlin. The logo consists of fine lines that channel traditional Japanese culture through a contemporary visual language. A gentle shade of black and beige is used throughout as an expression of modern Japan.

Similarly, the interior avoids the stereotypical Japanese decor and is designed in a modern style that fits right into the urban lifestyle of Berlin. The use of simple and familiar materials such as plywood, black granite, stainless steel, and ceramic tiles, expresses Japanese aesthetics through calm tones and shadows. The suspended linear lights were specially designed for the restaurant through a collaboration with the new Berlin-based lighting brand NJEBO. The series of linear lights brings to mind the glowing nightscapes of Japan and represents a crossing of cultures in today’s world.


今回この店舗のブランディングにおいてはネーミングからロゴデザインなどを含めたすべてのデザインをartlessが担当し、それと連動したインテリアデザインをSawada Hashimuraが担当しました。


インテリアも同様に、伝統的でステレオタイプな方法で日本を表現するのではなく、ベルリンでの都市生活に馴染むよう現代的なスタイルとしました。Plywood, black granite, stainless steel, ceramic tile など、質素でありふれた材料を使用していますが、その落ち着いたトーンと陰影によって日本の美意識を表現しました。天井に浮遊するライン状の照明器具は、ベルリンの新しい照明ブランドNJEBOとのコラボレーションにより、このレストランのためにデザインされました。細いライン照明の連なりは、アジアの都市の夜景をも連想させ、現代のクロスカルチャーな世界感を表象しています。