HYSTERIC GLAMOUR : brand site renewal

HYSTERIC GLAMOUR: brand site renewal
(planing, art direction & design, programming)

credit :

creative direction: artless Inc.

planning, creative direction: shun kawakami, artless Inc.

project management: satoko tanaka, artless Inc.

art direction, web design: keigo anan, logram Inc.

programming: yusuke kumagai, logram Inc.


Renewal of HYSTERIC GLAMOUR Website
We especially focused on the three of the contents, LOOK BOOK, MOVIE and TABLOID. LOOK BOOK provides the images of the latest collection. You can zoom in and out to view both details and overall look of the clothes. We created the MOVIE content in a fashion that allowed to watch all the previous videos in one page. Lastly, you can check the latest information about HYSTERIC GLAMOUR such as hot topic and the new lines of products on TABLOID. We are certain that with this website will entertain the higher information quality and enhance the attractiveness of HYSTERIC GLAMOUR.

HYSTERIC GLAMOURのブランドサイト・リニューアル
最新コレクションのスタイルを簡単な操作で、直感的に全身~寄りの画像を楽しめる「LOOKBOOK」、撮りためてきた動画コンテンツをアーカイブ化した「MOVIE」、新製品からオススメの情報まで多角的にブランドからの最新情報が公開される「TABLOID」等、これまでHYSTERIC GLAMOURが大切に扱ってきたコンテンツをさらに上質で魅力的な印象とし、発信性の高いサイト構成にてリニューアルいたしました。