Ultra Refined Pure Sake produced by Kanda

Ultra Refined Pure Sake produced by Kanda
creative & art direction, web design, photography, copy writing

branding: artless Inc.
creative direction & art direction: shun kawakami, artless Inc. 
graphic design: ayako shien, artless Inc.
assistant design: hisako mori + misato taniguchi, ahd osaka
web programming: adrien dufond, artless Inc.
project management: mimaki hata, artless Inc.
photography: yuu kawakami
copy writing: mimaki hata, artless Inc. + arata sasaki, hitsfamily 

Since the Michelin Guide Tokyo was first published in 2007, the renowned Japanese restaurant Kanda has earned the coveted 3-stars for 13 consecutive years.We were in charge of creating the brand website and online store for “Ultra Refined Pure Sake produced by Kanda” produced by owner-chef Hiroyuki Kanda.

The “Ultra Refined Pure Sake produced by Kanda” is prepared with 50% polished rice and matured for a year in an ultra-low temperature environment, resulting in one of the finest matured sakes that retain the natural flavors of rice.

The brand site features the bottle design and Awa-washi paper label, as well as the Awa-indigo dyed tenugui; each photographed to highlight the detail and craftsmanship of the packaging.The portraits are taken with a focus on showing Hiroyuki Kanda in his element, capturing the chef during a sake tasting and poised behind the counter.

We wrote the descriptive text based on our conversations with Hiroyuki Kanda, where we learned about the sake making process, tasting notes, and his particulars about the packaging.

Visit Kanda or purchase online for your own premier sake experience.

「ミシュランガイド東京」が刊行された2007年以降、13年連続三つ星を獲得し続けている「日本料理 かんだ」。artless inc.は、「日本料理 かんだ」のオーナーシェフ神田裕行氏がプロデュースした「かんだ撰 純米大吟醸酒」のブランドサイトおよびオンラインショップのデザインを手掛けました。

「かんだ撰 純米大吟醸酒」は、磨き50%の米で仕込んだ純米大吟醸酒を一年間超低温熟成させ、「米」の旨味を最大限に生かした最上級の熟成日本酒です。