hotel tou nishinotoin kyoto

design-led branding :
brand visual design, concept making & naming, logo & visual identity, graphic & signage design, hotel item design


creative direction & interior design: suppose design office
branding & management: artless inc.
creative direction: shun kawakami, artless inc.
art direction & design: kazuki kaneko, artless inc.
design: shinsaku iwatachi & thomas zimmerman, artless inc.
project management: asami kinoshita, artless inc.
photography: yuna yagi & max houtzager
signage & item photography: yuu kawakami, artless inc.
client: Withceed Hospitality Management

Located on Nishinotoin Street between cultural heritage sites Nishi Honganji Temple and Higashi Honganji Temple, “hotel tou nishinotoin kyoto” opened its doors in April 2021. We were in charge of the comprehensive brand design, from the naming to V.I, including logo design, signage design, stationery, and visual planning.

Located in Nishinotoin, tucked away from the hustle and bustle of the city, “hotel tou”—with its interplay of light and shadows, reveals the hidden depth of Japan creating a rich cultural experience.

The hotel’s concept of “oku” (depth), signifies the tradition and culture that has deepened throughout the ages in Kyoto. The spatial design by architectural practice, SUPPOSE DESIGN OFFICE, expand this same concept through its contrasting use of lights and shadows and unique approach to crafting spaces.

We responded to this spatial design with brand communication that is comfortable in ambiguity and expresses the Japanese sense of depth through abstract expressions.

The typography and form of the copper signage were designed to be reminiscent of the grid-like layout of Kyoto and blend in seamlessly with the interior design. The brand color is based on copper and shadows are expressed in the stationary through the difference in the tone of the letters.

The design, foodstuffs, gardens, and library allow guests to experience the true depth of Kyoto.

*This project was awarded the Merit Award in the Environmental category of the DFA: Design for Asia Awards 2021 held in Hong Kong.

The DFA Design for Asia Award, established by Create Hong Kong and sponsored by the Hong Kong Design Centre (HKDC), is an international design award that recognizes excellence in design in Asia. There are 23 categories within the four disciplines of Apparel & Accessory Design, Communication Design, Environmental Design, and Product & Industrial Design, with Gold, Silver, Bronze, and Merit Awards given in each category. The awards are judged from four perspectives: overall design excellence, technical application, influence on Asia, and commercial and social success.


京都の世界文化遺産である『西本願寺』と重要文化財である『東本願寺』の間となる西洞院通沿いに位置する hotel tou nishinotoin kyoto。artlessは2021年4月のオープンに向けて、ブランドコンセプトメイキング、ネーミングをはじめとする B.I. (Brand Identity)、そして、ロゴタイプなど V.I. (Visual Identity)の構築、グラフィック、サイネージ、ステーショナリー、ヴィジュアル・ブランディングを手がけました。

光と陰影が織りなす「hotel tou」。喧騒から離れた閑静な「西洞院」だからこそ見通すことができる知られざる日本の美や奥深い文化体験を提供します。

ホテルコンセプトである「奥」には、京都という土地で悠久の時を経て築き上げられた伝統や文化の奥深さを意味しています。建築設計事務所『SUPPOSE DESIGN OFFICE』が手掛けた空間デザインも、ホテルコンセプト同様「光と影」や「間合い」を表現しています。

artless Inc. は奥行きを感じさせる日本らしい抽象的な表現で、曖昧さと心地よく寄り添うブランド・コミュニケーションを構築しました。




*本プロジェクトは香港で主宰されるDFA : Design for Asia Awards 2021のEnvironmental部門にてMerit Awardを受賞しました。

香港の行政機関 クリエイトホンコン(創意香港・Create Hong Kong)が創設し、香港デザインセンター(HKDC)が主催するDFA Design for Asia Award は、アジアの視点 から優れたデザインを表彰する国際的なデザイン賞です。Apparel & Accessory Design、Communication Design、Environmental Design、Product & Industrial Designの4つの分野のもとに、23部門があり、それぞれの分野に、Gold、Silver、Bronze、Merit Awardsが設けられ、 全体的なデザインの優秀性、技術的応用力、アジアへの影響力、商業的および社会的成功の4つの視点から審査され、アジアを代表するデザインアワードとして知られています。