由縁 別邸 代田

brand visual design:
creative & art direction, logo & visual identity,
graphic design & signage design

branding & management: artless Inc.
creative direction & art direction: shun kawakami, artless inc.
design: ayako shien & kanako ueno, artless inc.
assistant design: misato taniguchi & aori nagai
project management: ken aoki + moeko tamakawa, artless inc.
signage & item photography: yuu kawakami
client: UDS Ltd.


We were in charge of branding, art direction, signage, and stationery for “yuen bettei daita”, a ryokan-style hotel that opened its doors in September 2020 in Setagaya-Daita, Tokyo. We worked in close collaboration with UDS, the creative director, architect, interior designer, and operator of the hotel.

The logo uses calligraphy by Soryu Takeda and a grid system inspired by the latticed interior of the hotel, paired with the iconic family crest inspired logo mark shared among the “ONSEN RYOKAN yuen” hotels. For the brand color, we selected a traditional green color evoking images of overgrown moss on old trees and garden stones. This is paired with a light beige color inspired by the natural color of cotton fabric—creating soft and tranquil overtones. The signs found throughout the hotel use the same grid system as in the logo. The combination of dark brown (kenpo) and gray (slate gray) allows the signs to harmonize with the architecture and interior while standing on their own.

Following “ONSEN RYOKAN yuen shinjuku” (May 2019) and “ONSEN RYOKAN yuen sapporo” (July 2020), “yuen bettei daita” marks the beginning of a new series in the yuen franchise. Located in a quiet residential area of Tokyo, ”yuen bettei daita” is an onsen inn conceptualized as a “secluded hideaway in the heart of the city”. The Setagaya-Daita area has long been a place where the reprieve of nature and convenience of the city coexist, making it a place many literary figures such as Sakutaro Hagiwara and Mokichi Saito called their home. The residence-like architecture emphasizing the greenery and charm of the area, also includes an onsen, sauna, kappo-style restaurant, and tea house.

Whether for a day trip or for an overnight stay, take a break from the commotion of the city and spend quality time at “yuen bettei daita”.

We were in charge of branding and art direction for “ONSEN RYOKAN yuen sapporo”, a ryokan-style hotel that opened its doors in July 2020 in Sapporo. We worked in close collaboration with UDS, the creative director, architect, and interior designer of the hotel.

As an expression of the hotel’s “modern ryokan” concept, we created a family crest inspired logo as part of our approach in harmonizing Japanese elements with modern expression. The “thread” in the logo symbolizes a space that brings people together and the intimate connections that form as a result. The “thread” is utilized as a key visual element throughout the design from the signage to stationaries and room amenities.

Following the opening of “ONSEN RYOKAN yuen shinjuku” in May 2019, “ONSEN RYOKAN yuen sapporo” incorporates materials and textures unique to Hokkaido into its interior design. Likewise, in our designs we used white and grey inspired by snow, rime ice, and Ural Owls to channel the color of Hokkaido while expressing the essential ryokan experience.

Artworks by Hokkaido-based artists are integrated into the interior design of the hotel—creating an immersive experience. We welcome all to visit and be immersed in the unique Hokkaido experience at “ONSEN RYOKAN yuen sapporo”.


artless Inc. は2020年9月東京・世田谷代田にオープンした温泉旅館「由縁別邸 代田」のブランディング及びアートディレクション、またサインからステーショナリーまで、包括してデザインを担当しました。クリエイティブディレクション・建築インテリアデザインは、本旅館の運営も行うuds 株式会社が担当しています。

ロゴデザインは、書家 武田双龍氏の書を用い、屋敷の格子からインスパイアを受けたグリッドで構成。そして「onsen ryokan 由縁シリーズ」で使用している家紋を彷彿とさせるロゴマークを横に添えています。ブランドカラーには、こけむした老木や庭石を想起させる日本の伝統色の苔色と、晒す前の自然の木綿の生地色を表現した生成りをベースの色に選定し、落ち着きと柔らかさを表現しました。また館内のサインには、ロゴのグリッドを継承したレイアウトを採用。濃い茶色(憲法色)とグレー(石板色)の色を用いることで、視認性を保ちながらも建築や空間に馴染むサインを実現しました。

「onsen ryokan 由縁 新宿」(2019年5月オープン)、「onsen ryokan 由縁 札幌」(2020年7月オープン)の別シリーズとなる「由縁別邸 代田」は、より落ち着いた、閑静な住宅地に位置する「市中の山居」がコンセプトの温泉旅館です。世田谷代田の周辺は、古くから自然環境の心地よさと都市的な利便性が共存した場所であり、萩原朔太郎や斎藤茂吉など多くの文士たちが好んで暮らしていました。緑と風情のある土地柄を生かした屋敷風の建築には、温泉やサウナ、割烹・茶寮も併設されており、また日帰りでもご利用が可能です。 「由縁別邸 代田」で都会の喧騒を忘れ、ゆっくりとした時間をお過ごしください。