由縁 新宿

brand visual design :
creative & art direction, logo & visual identity,
graphic design & signage design

brand visual design & management: artless Inc.
creative direction & art direction: shun kawakami
design: koyuki inagaki
assistant design: ayako shien
project management: ken aoki
signage & item photography: yuu kawakami
client:UDS Ltd.

We were in charge of branding and art direction for “ONSEN RYOKAN yuen sapporo”, a ryokan-style hotel that opened its doors in July 2020 in Sapporo. We worked in close collaboration with UDS, the creative director, architect, and interior designer of the hotel.

As an expression of the hotel’s “modern ryokan” concept, we created a family crest inspired logo as part of our approach in harmonizing Japanese elements with modern expression. The “thread” in the logo symbolizes a space that brings people together and the intimate connections that form as a result. The “thread” is utilized as a key visual element throughout the design from the signage to stationaries and room amenities.

Following the opening of “ONSEN RYOKAN yuen shinjuku” in May 2019, “ONSEN RYOKAN yuen sapporo” incorporates materials and textures unique to Hokkaido into its interior design. Likewise, in our designs we used white and grey inspired by snow, rime ice, and Ural Owls to channel the color of Hokkaido while expressing the essential ryokan experience.

Artworks by Hokkaido-based artists are integrated into the interior design of the hotel—creating an immersive experience. We welcome all to visit and be immersed in the unique Hokkaido experience at “ONSEN RYOKAN yuen sapporo”.


artless Inc. は2019 年5 月、新宿にオープンした「ONSEN RYOKAN 由縁 新宿」において、クリエイティブディレクション・建築インテリアデザインを担当したUDS 株式会社と共に、ブランディング及びアートディレクションを担当いたしました。



お近くにお越しの際は、「由縁 新宿」の世界観をご体感いただけますと幸いです。